Adam and his wife Rosemary have been married for one year, and this episode we bring her in closer to the mic to hear her share her thoughts, and Adams, on how they have managed their relationship while they both work in the same industry.

They both have to deal with the good and the bad with what this business throws at them. Listen in on how they have not only made their working lives work but balance in some personal life in the mix too!

...Andrew is alone.

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  • Comic creators together as husband and Wife: Barbucci & Canepa on W.h.i.c.h. and Skydoll(concept/pencils- inking/coloring) but they split now. Being a couple in the industry has mostly positive sides, as common interests, completion and pushing for improving, realizing projects together, hanging out same industry events, understanding of overtime needs and common friends all understand you! Moving in distance of months sucks but immigration rules... Most of advices to people that work in animation say to postpone as possible family plans. If you are in 2, have creative plans, work extra projects after work and weekends, constantly do stuffs/study to improve knowledge/abilities and be updated, (and a kid doesn't come unexpected) ... make your math.

    posted by: Morena on 2012-04-26 19:19:23

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