Just the boys this week on GWP. In this episode Andrew talks to Adam about the recent Toronto FAN EXPO show. His thoughts and opinions lead in to a discussion about the future of MARVEL COMICS and its new parent compant DISNEY. They talk about the possibilities and the problems that could happen with attaching a name like Disney to Marvel properties.


Stay tuned after the end of the show to hear a painful accident that happened during the recording...Adam thought it was real fun to see me hurt.

Check out the website www.guyswithpencils.com for links to the things we touched on in this episode!

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  • Well, as it turns out, you busted your own balls.

    posted by: J.Bone on 2011-09-19 22:37:58

  • Ha! Just listening now...did I bust your balls, Andrew? I probably did! You guys are awesome! Okay...back to listening and laughing.

    posted by: J.Bone on 2011-09-19 21:44:14

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