Edmund McMillen & Tommy Refenes  are chatting with the boys this week via skype! If you're not familiar with Team Meat, they are indie game creates who have struck it big with their game Super Meat Boy!

Check out this amazing episode where you get to hear the early struggles of Edmund and Tommy as they make a name for themselves in the gaming universe! This is a story that is like no other, get ready to learn a shit load!!!

 Grab some coffee, get your work ready for the week and have a listen!

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  • Other than great episod, learning the backstage of these guys (I was going to watch the movie anyways, but it will be more tasty now) I'd like to see the puppets that Danielle made! is there a link somewhere? Thanks

    posted by: Morena on 2012-04-24 20:20:26

  • Hey Andrew - Thanks for the kind words. We really appreciate it. We try to keep the ball rolling and not be vague with our questions. Hope it helps! Hey Jason - I totally relate to you about the art school angst! ugh, glad you commented! :D

    posted by: Andrew on 2011-10-19 18:10:43

  • Great stuff. I can really relate with a lot of the things you guys talked about. Definitely dug up some caged artist syndrome and art school angst that us creative types go through.

    posted by: Jason on 2011-10-19 13:06:28

  • This was really inspiring! I've learned so much about game design and what it's like to be a indie developer. Thank you guys so much for asking such interesting questions, as I never would have learned this sort of stuff any other way.

    posted by: Andrew on 2011-10-19 08:14:31

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