The final episode of 2012 for GWP. We look back on the memories and adventures we shared through the past 12 months. Sprinkled throughout this episode are moments of inspirations and hints to what's in store for 2013! Hope you enjoy and keep listening this upcoming year! 

Happy New Year! 

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This Holiday season we celebrate with our close friends. We look back on the holidays of yesteryear. The Holidays mean Christmas specials, and Christmas specials mean animation. You're going to hear from a dozen animators talk about their favorite Christmas animation moments.  So grab some hot cocoa, a plate of cookies and your sketchbook. Take some time this season to chill out and spend the Next hour with us shooting the shit.

Also! Check out this link to our upcoming guest for 2013 Geneviève FT!!

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We have returned to the lovely Bento Miso facility to cover the DMG (Dames Making Games) Toronto event this week.
This event was a follow up of the awesome work that was done at the No Jam event. The No Jame event was held for 20 women to make games during DMG Toronto's first-ever game jam for new game makers.
At the DMG event we got to meet and greet all the game makers and talk to them on why this event is so important to the participants.

Click here for more info on DMG

Alex Bethke:

Pina Visconti:

Leisha Marie-Riddel:

Damian Sommers:

Jen Harrison: @jennofour

Jennie Faber @jennie

Cecily Carver: @cecilycarver

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Former classmate and all around nice guy Kevin Parry joins us this week around the mic to discuss his career within the past 2 years. What's really interesting about Kevin's work to date is his ability to utilize social media to share his work with people from all around the globe. This episode goes into talk about his thoughts on digital distribution and the pros and cons of festival submissions. This is a great episode especially for any of our student listeners if you are looking to maximize your films potential once you graduate.

Check out Kevin's blog HERE

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Just Adam and Andrew this week for GWP. The boys are winding down after a crazy work week. So for this episode it's a lot of talk about what they've learned doing the podcast and where things are going for the new year. They also touch on what goals they are looking into working on for 2013. And to wrap it all up, Andrew contemplates the ordeal of head/body lice and Adam hints at "maybe" doing stand up comedy one day.

Our sweet fan art banner was done by The Flying Tacoz!! Check out more of their stuff here!

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This week is a big recap of the things that went on during this past and busy week. A lot of work has kept the boys up to all hours of the night. Adam has been working on learning a new software while Andrew has been stretching his efforts across the board with helping out on a variety of projects. Joining the lads this week is Co Host Wayne Michael Lee. Have a listen as they dive into the never ending questions from Old Man Murray.

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 Jason Groh is our guest this week. A passionate directer & designer who has worked for more than 20 years in the industry. If you're looking for a burst of inspiration and desire to have an uplifting heart to heart talk, then look no further! With this episode you won't be hearing much from us. Only because Jason knows have to carry a conversation so well and really makes what he's talking about so fun and entertaining.

Hope you enjoy this episode and if you're not careful you might actually learn something!

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Mike Holmes is an East Coast based Cartoonist/Illustrator. He's currently been working on such titles as the Adventure Time Comics and Bravest Warriors. Mike has done a variety of posters for comedian Patton Oswald and is an active member in the East Coast comic book scene with his own series titled True Story.
Mike chats with us and talks about his personal experiences and what lead him down the road as from a stand up coming to a sit down cartoonist. Check out Mike's work at the links below.

Mike Holmes Tumblr
Mike Holmes Twitter

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Today we get experimental! Adam has brought together a group of smart people, who all have
experience with game development, to talk about video games! Henry Faber, Miguel Sternberg, Alex Bethke and Adam explore
specific topics within the medium, and because it was just Halloween they talk about horror games! What makes a game scary,
how to they work, why do they work, what can ruin them and what games do they think are scary.

Why is this an experiment? Because what happens next is up to you! If you fine folks like what you hear let us know
and share, if the response is good and people want more it will happen! This will become its own separate podcast from Guys With
Pencils with its own update schedule, topics, itunes feed, name etc!

Let us know if you want more video game podcastery!

Henry Faber - @henryfaber
Miguel Sternberg - @spookysquid
Alex Bethke - @MrAlexBethke
Adam Hines - @guyswithpencils

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This week we take a little trip back down memory lane. After working for almost 3 years now in TV production, the boys take a moment to recap their experiences. They go as far back as their last year in school and discuss the process of making a short film for the first time. It's a really interesting perspective to have after working professionally for someone else. Going back and analyzing the student films allowed them to make calls they never would have made as students.

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