The Boys recount their first year at Sheridan College. Taking Art Fundamentals.

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  • sort of glad I made my studies in Italy. Specialization school start when you are 14 and of course they almost free -books and materials and still really good level of instruction, but with all the immaturity of high-school bullying, which eventually pushes you to become even better.

    posted by: Morena on 2011-12-29 21:35:06

  • Hey there! I found your podcast through your recent interview with Katie Shanahan and I've been going back through your podcasts and listening to them while at work. I'm listening to this one currently because I found the situation that I'm in right now really ironic for this particular podcast... I was in Animation Fundies back in '06-'07, ended up taking Animation at Seneca and now I'm back at Sheridan...working at Pipeline Studios on the campus! So listening to you guys talk about things relating to stuff from my recent past and a similar present while working on Sheridan's campus after years of absence is really making everything come full circle. Thanks for making these podcasts! :D

    posted by: Heather on 2011-06-21 15:53:29

  • Just wanted to thank Adam for mention my name with such a great french accent. It makes me sound more cultured than I really am!

    posted by: Eric on 2011-05-11 18:33:13

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