The Boys have a sit down with,

Katie Shanahan! -Comic and animation artist extraordinaire!

Katie has had an ongoing love for comics that lead her into the animation business. Listen to her story as she tells the guys what it has taken to get where she is at. From her first comics that were drawn to keep her sanity to traveling across the continent from comic show to comic show!

ALSO - A special mystery guest phones in when Andrew forgets to turn his off his cell phone!
*WARNING* Audio levels are not adjusted for this part..apologies from us to your ears

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  • I like you guys interview local artists. Lots of people are new to the city and is a good way to get to know these talented artists. I also like all the references to titles and other artists as well, it's interesting for who's from a different background. Kathy Shy has somehow reminds me of Vera Bee and Crazy Thalia, really nice round style. I'm still way back to listen the updated episodes, but I think to understand you guys focus mainly on animators and concept/storyboard/comic artists on 2D and 3D industry, is this correct?

    posted by: MorenaP on 2012-02-06 23:53:22

  • I really like this episode especially hearing you guys talking about beginning in the animation industry after Sheridan. I'm studying at Concordia University(Montreal) in Film Animation and people keep talking about how great Sheridan is, but I'm glad to hear that you guys had some "I don't know what I'm doing" moments and how you did not really know what you were doing before you started working. I'm less anxious about the trouble I'm facing now. Also Great show guys :)

    posted by: sariquiri on 2011-06-21 05:09:54

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