The Boys are joined this week with a friend and former animation student.

Chris Thompson was an animation student who stuck it out until the near end of his 4 years. with only 3 months left in the program, he dropped out. Chris gives tells his side of the story when it comes to what he learned in school and why it didn't work for him.

If anyone out there is interested in attending school for animation, have a listen. Chris has some insightful thoughts on the do's and dont's that he would suggest for potentional students.


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  • very cool to hear the prospective of the guy that dropped of. An I love cooking anyways. Still didn't understand how he made a course without paying, we get there and then we forget about that point. Can you also find also somebody that actually did pursue in the work and dropped off after few years?

    posted by: Morena on 2012-03-26 15:11:13

  • This is one funny interview.. I really enjoyed although I'd hoped he had some insightful advice.

    posted by: Jamil on 2011-08-15 14:54:37

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