Question: Who Is Leisha Riddel?

Answer: Animator, Illustrator, Board Artist. Pixel Artist and overall friendly Freelance artist.

We talk to Leisha since she has been land work as an artist through the promotion
of her own work using her blog/twitter/ and facebook. 

By trying to stay on top of her bills and enjoy living her life, she must work as hard as possible to survive while managing her business at home.

Listen to her thoughts and her struggles as she works in this animation business.


Adam and Andrew don't know how to pronounce last names...Sorry Leisha and Dei.

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  • I'm really looking forward to that episode about creator-owned projects you mentioned. It's a world I very much want to be involved in, but details on its inner workings seem to be scarce and vague.

    posted by: Tyrel on 2011-08-15 20:31:02

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