So we started talking about how Canadian TV networks are going to have some changes happening with how they allow their customers to view channel packages. It's an interesting topic that we bounce off from and took us to the deepest darkest areas of the internet and how to deal with the discourse that takes place. Then we talk about how we look at shows and games, and how important does the artistic look really come into play in the grand scheme of things?
It's an all over the place kind of episode, but it all comes back to living in a visual world and how Adam loves his Bar Wars (technically known as Bar Rescue).

Check out this link we mentioned in this episode:

A Survivor's Guide to Discourse in the Internet Age


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  • hahaha awesome, me and my roomates recently got into dragon's den. We've finished every season on Netflix and started watching it on youtube. I think because we're all animators we have no idea what goes on on the business sides of things so the little glimpse is both really fascinating and a learning experience. Plus Kevin is such an ass. :P

    posted by: Diane Aarts on 2013-12-28 22:27:18

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