Since the conception of this podcast, both Adam and Andrew have been very fortunate to have been working from project to project with very few breaks in between. And since the beginning, they have said that you will get to hear about the high points and the low points. This weeks episode focuses on some of the not so easy aspects of working as a freelance artist. The reality of a job ending abruptly can occur. Have a listen and hear how they deal with this unfamiliar territory. 

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  • Wow! Really?! How many years have you been working in the industry and this is your reaction? I can understand a 18 or 20 year old fresh grad who knows absolute nothing about the animation industry and who never had worked in an actual studio crying about their work not being up to par and running home crying to their Mommy and Daddy but you should know better. I remember about a year ago Revisionist Andrew said that there better be a damn good excuse for a story board artist being late delivering a board because you would never be late ever with your board when you get working as a board artist. Well would past Andrew hop in a DeLorean and time travel to kick his future self in the ass, not only for being late but for not being good enough to keep the gig? I think the studio must of known that you would handle getting fired poorly since they obvious felt the need to coddle you like a baby. Life in animation isn't a video game, you don't automatically level up when you spend time doing a job or at a certain studio. It's a craft which you have to work at it to get better or else you get worse no matter how many years you've worked in it or where you worked or who you've talked to. So Andrew, improve your skills or accept the fact that you are at this level and if you don't work at it you'll never get better.

    posted by: Charles on 2014-01-22 14:50:26

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