Today we get experimental! Adam has brought together a group of smart people, who all have
experience with game development, to talk about video games! Henry Faber, Miguel Sternberg, Alex Bethke and Adam explore
specific topics within the medium, and because it was just Halloween they talk about horror games! What makes a game scary,
how to they work, why do they work, what can ruin them and what games do they think are scary.

Why is this an experiment? Because what happens next is up to you! If you fine folks like what you hear let us know
and share, if the response is good and people want more it will happen! This will become its own separate podcast from Guys With
Pencils with its own update schedule, topics, itunes feed, name etc!

Let us know if you want more video game podcastery!

Henry Faber - @henryfaber
Miguel Sternberg - @spookysquid
Alex Bethke - @MrAlexBethke
Adam Hines - @guyswithpencils

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  • Partial list of games mentioned in this episode: Home, Bioshock, Phantasmagoria, The Lurking Horror, Resident Evil (series), Hotline Miami, The Walking Dead (series), Amnesia, Silent Hill (series - including Shattered Memories), Fatal Frame, They Bleed Pixels, System Shock. Apologies for any I missed.

    posted by: Phil Willis on 2012-11-16 01:35:16

  • 1. You guys totally need to do this as a regular thing. 2. I love Miguel's accent - not sure if it's from a unique part of Canada, but I could listen to him all day. 3. Did you want to post a list of all the games mentioned in the podcast for easy reference? Keep at it. --Phil

    posted by: Phil Willis on 2012-11-14 03:51:06

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