The boys have a nice chit chat reflecting on how things have been going with the podcast.

Then they dive in to an article about the bylaws of Graffiti art in Toronto. What constitutes as art and how can it be moderated by a committee of elected officials?

*We'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. So feel free to comment on the subject!*

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  • Funny how you mention 'Rob Ford' & 'crackdown' . I couldn't keep from laughing. Seriously, great show guys. Can't wait to catch up on the podcasts.

    posted by: James C on 2014-01-04 07:19:08

  • my parents have a shop, magazine kiosk (octagonal shape). The store is all green with columns, liberty style. Still, has metal shades, so they often get tags on and have to clean them up. Even if somebody would make a more artistic piece, unless would be communicating something can enhance the business exposure, it would need to be removed. If a graffiti artist really want to do a piece of art, paid or not, he should ask authorization to the shop owner or might give this shop owner many troubles, leaving the idea to other street artist that their shop is a canvas for whoever. I guess graffiti artist that don't own a business cannot understand the trouble they give when not authorized. I love all the graffiti that are not tags, but no matter the beauty, if they're not authorized the artist has to accept that the piece might get removed, for any reason. if they're lucky enough they make the day of the wall owner and so the art can last. Ford should have ask if what he wanted to clean up was legit or not. Nice subject by the way. other- I'm surprised as well your program at Sheridan was that traditional. Ps. wow so much advertising at the beginning of the episode. Maybe can be done more subtly at the end of the episode, like for the movie/game review.

    posted by: MorenaP on 2012-03-01 22:35:37

  • Hey T.C. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated! We can't really compare the Graffiti scene in San Fran. to Toronto, We've never been. But for us, this was an issue since the new Mayor has decided he needed to make it part of his agenda to remove it all. We personally are both fans of graffiti art and hope it grows, however we feel that with that growth there needs to have responsibility on both sides of the issue. Thanks for your comments! looking forward to hearing more!

    posted by: Andrew & Adam on 2011-07-05 17:23:32

  • As much of a fan of this podcast as I am I think that you have it easy when it comes to graffiti art as compared to where I live in San Francisco. Again, if you want real change you need to just take charge and make the change you so desperately seek... But keep up the good work! Big fan!

    posted by: T. C. Crosser on 2011-07-01 23:18:00

  • When I commuted in or out of Toronto, I used to look forward to seeing the various tags lining the concrete along the way between exhibition and Union station in Toronto. Was completely shocked and appalled one day to make the same trek and realize all of them had been painted over in a mismatched gray. As I saw a lineup of splatters of gray paint covering up the tags, I was bewildered by the concept that this ugly drab series hastily done paint jobs was somehow more appropriate than all of the various paintings of what I would undoubtedly call 'artwork' that littered the tunnels before. Really enjoyed this topic. Also I am going to agree with ritz's suggestion of 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'. Banksy, in a sense, not only made the film, but the grafitti artist the film follows, Mr. Brainwash. Mr Brainwash in a sense is a creation of Banksy to really raise the question of what should be considered art. The whole film even left me a little offended and even disillusioned... that is to say it got a huge emotional response out of me, and for that reason I highly recommend it.

    posted by: AdamB on 2011-06-30 17:53:54

  • I personally think that art is anything created skillfully with an intention. I have seen technically beautiful pieces, but they did not mean anything; the artist had no actual reason to make the piece. So, things like commercials that have high technical quality would not be art because commercials often lie to viewers (I also have a hard time believing that a lot of modern art being actual art). This philosophy of mine does leave me in a slight gray area, though, because the works of Don Hertzfeldt are simply stick figures, but they are no less than masterpieces, in my eyes at least. ( ) Now, I personally am not a graffiti artist, but I truly believe a lot of it IS beautiful and artistic. Banksy is one of my favorite artists and his work is beyond breath taking-- however, much of it is illegal. With that said, a work by Banksy can go for tens of thousands of dollars, so I doubt a the owner of the building would have any problems with them. Banksy has a film, titled "Exit Through the Gift Shop," which, if you haven't seen it, you SHOULD because it addresses everything you mentioned in this pod cast, including the process of graffiti art and what is and is not art, plus it's pretty funny. ( A small bit of the film) Also, I think someone might place graffiti somewhere that they know it'll be taken down for that particular wow factor. I don't live in Canada, so I don’t know of any spectacular buildings there, but if someone were to place something artistic or shocking on the Denver Public Library, it would be taken down very quickly because the DPL is a piece of art in itself. While that other piece is up, however, it would create a huge spectacle and commotion, even if it was only left up for 24 hours. It’s comparable to drawing a stick figure holding up a sign that says, “This class is stupid,” on a high school desk. Most of the reason it was placed there was for the wow factor of anyone else who sits in that desk through out the rest of the day, but that teacher would probably wash that table rather quickly. Well, that’s my two cents! Your pod casts are always so thought provoking and inspiring, I just love listening to them!

    posted by: Ritzleshneff on 2011-06-28 23:43:53

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