We have returned to the lovely Bento Miso facility to cover the DMG (Dames Making Games) Toronto event this week.
This event was a follow up of the awesome work that was done at the No Jam event. The No Jame event was held for 20 women to make games during DMG Toronto's first-ever game jam for new game makers.
At the DMG event we got to meet and greet all the game makers and talk to them on why this event is so important to the participants.

Click here for more info on DMG

Alex Bethke: http://blog.goldengeargames.com/

Pina Visconti: http://pinavisconti.com/

Leisha Marie-Riddel: http://leisha-riddel.blogspot.ca/

Damian Sommers: http://damiansgames.com/

Jen Harrison: @jennofour

Jennie Faber @jennie

Cecily Carver: @cecilycarver

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