The boys have a nice chit chat reflecting on how things have been going with the podcast.

Then they dive in to an article about the bylaws of Graffiti art in Toronto. What constitutes as art and how can it be moderated by a committee of elected officials?

*We'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic. So feel free to comment on the subject!*

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The Boys have a sit down with,

Katie Shanahan! -Comic and animation artist extraordinaire!

Katie has had an ongoing love for comics that lead her into the animation business. Listen to her story as she tells the guys what it has taken to get where she is at. From her first comics that were drawn to keep her sanity to traveling across the continent from comic show to comic show!

ALSO - A special mystery guest phones in when Andrew forgets to turn his off his cell phone!
*WARNING* Audio levels are not adjusted for this part..apologies from us to your ears

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Joined by friends Wayne and Samantha, Adam geeks out over video games while Andrew tries to chime in from time to time.

from playing games to working in the gaming industry. A fun episode as we catch up with former classmates.



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The boys share the mic this episode with DC comic writer/illustrator and all around nice guy,


An in depth discussion with a talent like no other. From creating comics to reading comics J gets down to business with his experience in the comic industry!

a fun episode with a superb guest!



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