The boys are joined by special guest James Caswell!

James is an old school pro who has been working as a freelance board artist for over 30 years! James shares his personal experience on getting to where he is at with his career.

From comics to painting to storyboards. James provides an interesting perspective on his work and provides his thought on the up and comers entering this industry.



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The Boys are joined this week with a friend and former animation student.

Chris Thompson was an animation student who stuck it out until the near end of his 4 years. with only 3 months left in the program, he dropped out. Chris gives tells his side of the story when it comes to what he learned in school and why it didn't work for him.

If anyone out there is interested in attending school for animation, have a listen. Chris has some insightful thoughts on the do's and dont's that he would suggest for potentional students.


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The boys sit down with two talented cats from the Eisner nominated graphic novel group - THE ANTHOLOGY PROJECT !

Sam Bradley & Jeffery Thompson chat about their work and how they got involved with the comic.

and EXCLUSIVE talk on the future of the Anthology Project! With lots of fun stories and inspiring points of view, This episode will make you want to sketch your brains out!


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The boys retell the adventures of their first year in Sheridan's BAAA (Bachelor of Applied Arts - Animation) Program.

A look from the perspective of two graduates who went through the progam. What worked for them and what didnt work so well.
The memories. the feelings, the emotions run high. Come with us now as we go back and relive those exciting tales of yesteryear.

PLUS!! Exclusive mystery caller during this episode!

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