MARK MAYERSON, The animation pro who has been working and teaching for the last 29 years, shares his stories on the business side of things. It's not your typical show...we get down and dirty talking about stories on how to avoid getting screwed over when it comes to freelancing yourself in this field.

Mark provides a wide range of knowledge. From his early days working in TV animation to his current position as Sheridan College's Animation program co ordinator; Mark knows a thing or two, about a thing or two!

So turn up the speakers. Settle in and Get comfy. And prepare to learn some valuable advice from our friend and guest, Mark Mayerson!



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This week we had the pleasure of having STEVE STARK on our show.

If you're not familiar with Steve's work, he is the owner of STARKTOONS.  A studio he started on his own and has gained much attention with his amazing series of shorts known as SMODIMATIONS.

Steve has an awesome outlook on working in the animation industry and provides an entertaining conversation that not only inspires but also encourages others to go after their own personal dreams.


SMODIMATIONS Youtube Channel

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Question: Who Is Leisha Riddel?

Answer: Animator, Illustrator, Board Artist. Pixel Artist and overall friendly Freelance artist.

We talk to Leisha since she has been land work as an artist through the promotion
of her own work using her blog/twitter/ and facebook. 

By trying to stay on top of her bills and enjoy living her life, she must work as hard as possible to survive while managing her business at home.

Listen to her thoughts and her struggles as she works in this animation business.


Adam and Andrew don't know how to pronounce last names...Sorry Leisha and Dei.

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In this episode The Boys take on the challenge of the 24 hour film! From Monday to Sunady the goal is to spend atleast 24 hours working on making a short film. Listen to find out if they suceed or fail...and by fail I mean let's go see Captain America at the cinema.

PLUS! the saga continues with knowing the job is over in Nov.

AND! A special movie review on CAPTAIN AMERICA

This is Cora's Breakfast incase anyone is wondering..

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So In this episode, The boys bring on the nerd rage. They talk about the new DCU Reboot and what it means for readers and artists alike.

Is it another marking fad like COKE II? Or will this have some kind of impact on future generations on the mainstream comics?

Adam and Andrew give their thoughts from the perspective as an artist and being a fan as well.

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