Ok...So The boys get school'd by JIM ZUBKAVICH! Have a listen and prepare to learn a thing or two from an experiences pro in the animation industry!

Jim shares his highs and lows from when he left school in the late 90's to his career in teaching and project management. It's a rollercoaster ride that you never want to end! So grab some paper! Sharpen your pencils! and get ready to learn a crap load!

Check out JIM's work here at his site!



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DISCLAIMER: The subject matter on this episode is based on the individiuals own experience and no one is claiming to know anything that would influence our listeners to make poor judgement. For the best answers talk to your family or doctor.

The Boys Welcome back J. BONE to the show with a topic that is a bit more serious than usual. due to some recent events we thought it would be best if we shared some insight on our own persona experiences when it comes to the mood of an artist and how it can affect you long term.

J. Bone being the upstanding guy and all around excellent guest that he is, shares with you his own personal experiences and life changing experiences he has had to deal with.

For more information about mental health, follow the link!



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They boys  have something AWESOME to share with you!

It involves Creators and Fans interacting on a new level with TV animation! New shows like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Adventure Time are pushing the way to what could be the awesome future of how viewers will engage their shows!

Check out RocketBoom for more info on this.


Adam slaps Andrew in the face with a cool gamer documentary about the growing indie gamer scene. INDIE GAME: The Movie trailer can be viewed...


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 Just the boys this week on GWP. In this episode Andrew talks to Adam about the recent Toronto FAN EXPO show. His thoughts and opinions lead in to a discussion about the future of MARVEL COMICS and its new parent compant DISNEY. They talk about the possibilities and the problems that could happen with attaching a name like Disney to Marvel properties.


Stay tuned after the end of the show to hear a painful accident that happened during the recording...Adam thought it was real fun to see me hurt.

Check out the website www.guyswithpencils.com for links to the things we touched on in this episode!

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