This week we bring our animator friend Wayne Michael Lee close to the mic for our discussion on The Dark Knight!

This week we're talking about BATMAN!

With the upcoming Dark Knight Rises film in 2012, and the recent release of Batman: Arkham City, Wayne and The Boys try to understand why Batman has worked as a character for more than 70 years. Why has this property always been a huge success and been able to make profit?

From the black and white serial films and the campy Adam West show of the 1960s to the Dark mind of comic writer Frank Miller and the recent work of director Christopher Nolan, Batman has been a success across the board. Listen to the thoughts of three artists and why they think it has worked for so many years.

oh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! mwahahaha!

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Adam and his wife Rosemary have been married for one year, and this episode we bring her in closer to the mic to hear her share her thoughts, and Adams, on how they have managed their relationship while they both work in the same industry.

They both have to deal with the good and the bad with what this business throws at them. Listen in on how they have not only made their working lives work but balance in some personal life in the mix too!

...Andrew is alone.

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Edmund McMillen & Tommy Refenes  are chatting with the boys this week via skype! If you're not familiar with Team Meat, they are indie game creates who have struck it big with their game Super Meat Boy!

Check out this amazing episode where you get to hear the early struggles of Edmund and Tommy as they make a name for themselves in the gaming universe! This is a story that is like no other, get ready to learn a shit load!!!

 Grab some coffee, get your work ready for the week and have a listen!

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As promised, We have for you the exciting Conclusion to last week's episode with Jim Zubkavich!

Jim gets down and dirty into the comics scene! He goes through his own process and experience when it comes to dealing with the conventions, the fans and the new digital era of comics.

Jim shares his throughts on Comic book writing and what it REALLY takes to approach the medium of comic books!


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