Colin Jack is a Toronto based story artist freelance designer. He has worked on a variety of projects ranging from TV, Childrens books and Feature films.

Colin has been working for almost 10 years as a freelance artist, and during that time he has come across a variety of jobs and has great advice for anyone who thinks that they would like to enter the world of the commercial arts.

Have a listen as we chat with Colin and he tells his story on finding his voice in this business.

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The boys chat with fellow friend and animation freelancer, JAMIE METZGER!

Jamie is a musical theatre major who went back to school to study Animation for 5 years. With her hard work and dedication, Jamie was able to work at Pixar Animation Studios during the summer of 2011. Since then she has gone on to work as a freelance animator in Whistler, BC.

Jamie shares an interesting perspective on her experiences that have got her where she is today. Listen to her thoughts and advice for those looking to get into a place like Pixar, or for anyone who really wants to follow their passions.

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KELLY TURNBULL the Creator of the online sensation MANLY GUYS DOING MANLY THINGS is our guest this week! Kelly is from the frozen northern lands of Manitoba and she studied animation at Sheridan College. She now works in LA on some awesome adult cartoon shows and in her spare time when she's not admiring the Manly things that manly guys do, she write and draws for her online comic Manly Guys.

Have a listen about Kelly's path in the animation business, and how she made it from the land of polar bears to the hot sunny side of California!

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This week, Wayne Michael Lee joins Adam as co-host!  And you know that when Adam and Wayne get together they're going to talk about videogames! And if videogames are the topic, then it's obvious that they bring in their friend and video game art director, Adric Worley.

Tune in as The Boys dive into the some of their favourite games, picking them apart from the perspective of guys who work in the industry and are also fans of the games.

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