The final episode of 2012 for GWP. We look back on the memories and adventures we shared through the past 12 months. Sprinkled throughout this episode are moments of inspirations and hints to what's in store for 2013! Hope you enjoy and keep listening this upcoming year! 

Happy New Year! 

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This Holiday season we celebrate with our close friends. We look back on the holidays of yesteryear. The Holidays mean Christmas specials, and Christmas specials mean animation. You're going to hear from a dozen animators talk about their favorite Christmas animation moments.  So grab some hot cocoa, a plate of cookies and your sketchbook. Take some time this season to chill out and spend the Next hour with us shooting the shit.

Also! Check out this link to our upcoming guest for 2013 Geneviève FT!!

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We have returned to the lovely Bento Miso facility to cover the DMG (Dames Making Games) Toronto event this week.
This event was a follow up of the awesome work that was done at the No Jam event. The No Jame event was held for 20 women to make games during DMG Toronto's first-ever game jam for new game makers.
At the DMG event we got to meet and greet all the game makers and talk to them on why this event is so important to the participants.

Click here for more info on DMG

Alex Bethke:

Pina Visconti:

Leisha Marie-Riddel:

Damian Sommers:

Jen Harrison: @jennofour

Jennie Faber @jennie

Cecily Carver: @cecilycarver

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Former classmate and all around nice guy Kevin Parry joins us this week around the mic to discuss his career within the past 2 years. What's really interesting about Kevin's work to date is his ability to utilize social media to share his work with people from all around the globe. This episode goes into talk about his thoughts on digital distribution and the pros and cons of festival submissions. This is a great episode especially for any of our student listeners if you are looking to maximize your films potential once you graduate.

Check out Kevin's blog HERE

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Just Adam and Andrew this week for GWP. The boys are winding down after a crazy work week. So for this episode it's a lot of talk about what they've learned doing the podcast and where things are going for the new year. They also touch on what goals they are looking into working on for 2013. And to wrap it all up, Andrew contemplates the ordeal of head/body lice and Adam hints at "maybe" doing stand up comedy one day.

Our sweet fan art banner was done by The Flying Tacoz!! Check out more of their stuff here!

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This week is a big recap of the things that went on during this past and busy week. A lot of work has kept the boys up to all hours of the night. Adam has been working on learning a new software while Andrew has been stretching his efforts across the board with helping out on a variety of projects. Joining the lads this week is Co Host Wayne Michael Lee. Have a listen as they dive into the never ending questions from Old Man Murray.

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 Jason Groh is our guest this week. A passionate directer & designer who has worked for more than 20 years in the industry. If you're looking for a burst of inspiration and desire to have an uplifting heart to heart talk, then look no further! With this episode you won't be hearing much from us. Only because Jason knows have to carry a conversation so well and really makes what he's talking about so fun and entertaining.

Hope you enjoy this episode and if you're not careful you might actually learn something!

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Mike Holmes is an East Coast based Cartoonist/Illustrator. He's currently been working on such titles as the Adventure Time Comics and Bravest Warriors. Mike has done a variety of posters for comedian Patton Oswald and is an active member in the East Coast comic book scene with his own series titled True Story.
Mike chats with us and talks about his personal experiences and what lead him down the road as from a stand up coming to a sit down cartoonist. Check out Mike's work at the links below.

Mike Holmes Tumblr
Mike Holmes Twitter

Direct download: GWP_Ep85Mikeness.mp3
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Today we get experimental! Adam has brought together a group of smart people, who all have
experience with game development, to talk about video games! Henry Faber, Miguel Sternberg, Alex Bethke and Adam explore
specific topics within the medium, and because it was just Halloween they talk about horror games! What makes a game scary,
how to they work, why do they work, what can ruin them and what games do they think are scary.

Why is this an experiment? Because what happens next is up to you! If you fine folks like what you hear let us know
and share, if the response is good and people want more it will happen! This will become its own separate podcast from Guys With
Pencils with its own update schedule, topics, itunes feed, name etc!

Let us know if you want more video game podcastery!

Henry Faber - @henryfaber
Miguel Sternberg - @spookysquid
Alex Bethke - @MrAlexBethke
Adam Hines - @guyswithpencils

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This week we take a little trip back down memory lane. After working for almost 3 years now in TV production, the boys take a moment to recap their experiences. They go as far back as their last year in school and discuss the process of making a short film for the first time. It's a really interesting perspective to have after working professionally for someone else. Going back and analyzing the student films allowed them to make calls they never would have made as students.

Direct download: GWP_Ep83.mp3
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That is the question this week on Guys With Pencils. The boys talk about the pros and cons of how today's cinema seems to be driven by "the reboot" Sometimes you get a fresh take on a property (ie Star Trek 2009) but then again there are those which puzzle the mind and leave the audience scratching their heads (ie Tim Burton's Planet Of the Apes). This whole conversation leads up to the recent news that the cult comic "The GOON" is developing a reel through kickstarter. Have a listen as we come full circle on what turns out to be a really interesting discussion.

Direct download: GWP_ep82.mp3
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Joining us for lunch this week is Mr. Colin Jack. Character Designer and Children's Book illustrator extraordinaire! We've had Colin on the show before (EP 35 - Finding Your Voice). This time Colin is leaving on a trip of feature length proportions and GWP has the exclusive talk on his whirl wind tale. Colin talks about his trip which takes us from Toronto to Pixar to Paris and then to Dreamworks. Have a listen to this really great follow up talk!


(Note: This episode was recorded at a restaurant, so there is background noise.)

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Do you like comics? Do you like Canadians? Those are trick questions because the answer to both is YES! And with that we are proud to introduce to you, an episode featuring J. Bone and J. Torres! Both work in the Comic industry and have put together a project featuring Canadian Superheroes called TRUE PATRIOT!! Sounds awesome right? You might be asking "Where can I get this awesome sauce that is True Patriot?" Well if you like to support the independent comic artists and writers, you should head over to their indiegogo page and watch the video and donate! Have a listen this week as we dive into the world of TRUE PATRIOT!


Direct download: GWP_EP80TruePatriot.mp3
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This week is a special episode of Guys With Pencils.
It took 8 months but Andrew and Adam share their
experiences learning about the challenges women face
in comics and games, both as creators and consumers
of the mediums. Then learn about what women are
doing to make it better.

Special thanks to our guests for taking the time to talk to us and being patient with production.
Music in this episode taken from the Directionless EP by Broke for Free.
If you liked the music, check him out and be sure to tip and repay his generosity for sharing
his music.

Tell us what you thought of this episode on twitter @guyswithpencils

Kate Leth:
Samantha and Rosemary: Professional Game Artists
Jody Houser:, Womanthology
Adriana Blake: Fall On Me, Womanthology
Zoe Quinn: Its Not Ok Cupid, Dames Making Games
Jennie Faber: DMG Toronto
Cecily Carver: DMG Toronto

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Andrew had to take care of business so I grabbed three of our friends to take his place. We talk about being in between jobs, things we like and why Gobelins animation school is so awesome!

Direct download: GWP_78DeepEnd.mp3
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This week, Adam and Andrew (mostly Andrew) speak with Dapper Dan Schoening! Dan is a freelance comic artist from Canada who is currently working on the IDW ongoing Ghostbusters series. The Ghostbusters comic is based off the 1984 cult classic film. For over 25 years there has been little to nothing when it comes to licensed Ghostbuster material and this IDW comic has hit it out of the ballpark with their talented crew working on this series. Have a listen as the boys dive into the development of this comic and how it came to be.

Direct download: GWP77Dan.mp3
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We were lucky enough to chat with the super talented & all around nice guy, ROSS STEWART! Ross works out of Kilkenny, Ireland and has worked on such features as Cartoon Saloon's Oscar nominated "The Secret Of Kells" as the Art Director, and he just recently finished work on Laika's  "PARANORMAN". Have a Listen as Ross goes though his process of coming up with the world for Paranorman and also talks about his developement process when making his work.

Direct download: GWP_Ep76Ross.mp3
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This week the boys play catch up as they talk about the work that has been creeping up on them.

Special thanks to Braden Poirier for the fantastic banner art! Click here to check out more work by this insanely talented guy!

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This week the boys head to Fan Expo 2012! Canada's largest Sci fi/Horror/Comics/Gaming con! A chance to the creators and stars to meet up with their fans! This con is so important to so many people. People will spend up to a year saving their money on hotels/transportation/priority passes just for this 4 day event. Have a listen as we talk to the creators of content and the fans who make up the Fan Expo!

Direct download: GWP_Ep74FanExpo.mp3
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Alex Behtke and Andrew Traviss from Golden Gear Games join us this week! They both run Golden Gear Games and have worked with Adam and Rosemary at previous T.O. Jams. We chatted them up about working on in the game industry from the perspective of the progamming side of things. We also get in to the "biznaz" as we talk about how the Andrew and Alex moved on from working for a company to creating their very own!

for more info click the links!
Alex Bethke Twitter
Andrew Traviss Twitter
Golden Gear Games Twitter

Direct download: GWP_73GG.mp3
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Shawn McGrath is the creator of DYAD and we were fortunate enough to sit down with him and talk about his career in the indie game industry. A really great guy to chat with and has a lot of good points to make about the ongoing changes in the video game business. Have a listen if you want to hear how a high school drop out made a name for himself with his fresh and engaging ideas.

Direct download: GWP_Ep72DYAD.mp3
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This episode was was recorded after a long work week, so the guys are a little all over the place. They still manage to talk about business (biznaz?) and their thoughts on all sorts of things. Have a listen, and tell us what you think!

Direct download: GWP_Ep71.mp3
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Guys with Pencils do their first live show at Con Bravo 2012! The boys are joined by the lovely and talented Katie Shanahan, The adorable Adriana Blake, and the Sexy Stephen Daymond!
When you create something and show it to the world, what comes next? How do you deal with the fame? How do you deal with the struggles of getting attention? How can you improve on your work to blow everyone away with your next project?
These are the questions we as during the panel with our guests!

Thanks to everyone at Con Bravo for all their help and support! Great times were had by all!

Direct download: GWP_EP70LIVE.mp3
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This week, the boys chat it up over the final installment of the Dark Knight Rises which leads them in to a discussion about the future for DC characters and their potential movies. Along with that, they talk about their most recent updates with how work is going. This week we jump back into doing some fresh Top Scores

ALSO! Dont forget we will be hosting a panel at CON BRAVO in Burlington! Episode 70 will be recorded with some awesome stuff for those who attend! Click the link below for more details! See you there!

Andrew's Top Score
Adams Top Score


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Paul Rugg. When one hears the name many things come to mind. Writer, Musician, Voice Actor, Director, and the list goes on. But one thing Paul is known for among all others is that he is FREAKAZOID! This week we chat it up with the man behind the voice of Freakazoid. Talking about his beginnings in the animation business, his work from the 90s, to his current jobs that have been keeping him busy while raising his family on the west coast of the States.

Paul's Blog

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This week the boys head to TAAFI 2012! The first year of the festival! They got to speak with indie animator Nick Cross and his wife Marlo Meekins. Nick Cross is currently working on his own animated feature BLACK SUNRISE and Marlo is gaining a lot of attention with her comics that she has recently made available over the internet! Have a listen to what they think about working as hard as they can to make a living in this business!



Direct download: GWP_Ep67TAAFI.mp3
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 Mike Roush & Allison Craig are animators currently working at TITMOUSE INC. in California. We had the good fortune of chatting with them one night after work. Both are super talented and super friendly. If you'd like to hear about their own personal film projects and how they both came to be working together on some of the coolest shows on TV, then have a listen! You might learn a thing or two!


TAAFI  is NEXT WEEKEND!!!  Need Tickets? Info on events?? --> CLICK HERE!!!

Direct download: GWP_66Titmouse.mp3
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Andy Belanger is one bad ass comic artist! Don't believe me? Check out his site of Bad-assery! -->CLICK HERE!
Like what you saw? Of course you did!! Want to know how Andy got to be so good at what he does?? Then you're in luck because we got to talk with him this week!!!
Andy is currently working on his mini comic BLACK CHURCH!  Andy was getting tired of doing things for other people other publishers or coming up with what would sell to a massive market. He started feeling like creators need to start behaving more like bands. He wants to play the music he wants to play and if you don't like it well too freakin' bad for you. Straight up... He's a metal head.


Looking for tickets and info on  TAAFI events?? --> CLICK HERE!!!

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We had the good fortune of going over to Bento Miso this week and chat with Henry Faber & Jennie Faber. They came from Vancouver to Toronto within the past year to develop a way for developers and creators to work together under one roof. This is one of the most interesting conversations we've had regarding nurturing creators. If you want to learn a thing or two from people who know a thing or two, then you should REALLY listen to this episode!


(Don't forget to check out more at the link below!)

Direct download: GWP_64BentoMiso.mp3
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Miguel Sternberg is a veteran game developer of Toronto’s indie game scene. His pixel art has graced the back cover of Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together, the movie Crank, the web game Legends of Zork, as well as countless unplayable cellphone games based on major movie franchises. He helps run The Hand Eye Society, an indie game arts and culture group and recently organized the Comics vs Games art show as part of TIFFnexus.
This week, the boys sit down to talk about his current game " THEY BLEED PIXELS " Check out the awesome work from their site and have a listen to this in depth talk about making independent games.

Also Check out
Miguel's Twitter

Direct download: GWP_63BleedingPixels.mp3
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Animator/Comic Artist/Story Teller/Painter/Nice Guy - That's Tyson Hesse (pronounced Hess, not like Reese..just to be clear) all wrapped up in a perfect package. Tyson is the creator and owner of BOXER HOCKEY! The online comic that has gained him much attention throughout the comic industry. Have a listen as we talk to Tyson about his throughts on making comics and getting your work out there through the power of the internets!

Direct download: GWP_Ep62Hesse.mp3
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So this week they boys pull out their nerd cards. Comics/Games/Movies are the general topic of conversation between them. This episode we just focus more on our current day to day living while trying to maintain or jobs. Sometimes it's just nice to sit back and talk about the stuff that reminds us why we like to work in this business. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows. We get in to a discussion about the current situation with going out to a movie and how the industry needs to change with the times to survive.

Direct download: GWP_Ep61.mp3
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It's been almost a year since we last spoke with Mark Mayerson and now we are catching up with him to see what its been like with another year of teaching under his belt. This episodes focuses on the animation industry from the school perspective. Where things are going. How things are changing. What is being done to improve on whats needed. Where will the schools be in the future with the rise of tuition and the rise of technology?

This is a REALLY great episode that will touch on a lot of topics that a lot of animation professionals and students might be wondering themselves. Have a great work week!

Direct download: GWP_Ep60MarkMayersonReturns.mp3
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In this special episode we go live on the spot at TCAF 2012 to check out the amazing talent that is brewing in the city and around the world. Have a listen as we get to know the people who come to TCAF, run TCAF and work TCAF. If you have ever wanted to experience the sights and sounds from the perspective of two nerdy podcasters than this is the episode for you!


Direct download: GWP_Ep59TCAF2012.mp3
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Indie Game: The Movie was screened at the Bloor cinema during the Toronto Hot Docs fest. They boys took this chance to stand inline and do a quick pre screening record, and then a review of the film afterwards. Check it out and check out Indie Game: The Movie!

Direct download: GWP_EP58IndieGame.mp3
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Our good friend Ashlyn Anstee joins us this week for a nice talk about her career to date. Ashlyn has been working in the animation business for a year now down in the US. This episode focuses on what's like for a recent graduate to leave their surroundings and take a chance in a brand new environment. Grab some coffee and join us for a nice chat with our talented and lovely guest.

Ashlyn's Blog
Ashlyn's Twitter

Direct download: GWP_Ep57Ashlyn.mp3
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We had a request from a follower on Tumblr asking us if we could talk about our experiences back in our third year of college taking animation. Our animation program was 4 years long and 3rd year was unofficially known as the year that would make or break you as a student. So this week we talk about the things we did, the things we didnt do. Get ready for a bumpy ride down memory lane!

Direct download: GWP_Ep56TheThird.mp3
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American born all around nice guy Brad Heitmeyer, has been working in the gaming industry for more than 18 years. We were lucky enough to have him sit down with us and talk about the journey he went through. From starting out back in the early days of video gaming and working throuh some big names in the business, Terminal Reality, INC., Silicon Knights, Rockstar Games Toronto, Ubisoft, Bedlam Games,  to his most recent and personal projects, Brad shares his words of wisdom along with a great story about his career to date!

Learn more about Brad Heitmeyer through these links!
Brad's Twitter

Direct download: GWP_Ep55Feenstuh.mp3
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The boys from Mighty Rabbit Studios have an game you can download for IOS, its called SATURDAY MORNING RPG!
Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic role-playing game set in a world inspired by 1980s Saturday morning cartoons. Josh, Nic and Adric join us to talk about the debut of their awesome game! Check out the links below for info about Mighty Rabbit and Saturday Morning RPG!



Direct download: GWPEp54MightyRabbit.mp3
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WARNING: Listening to this episode may cause your creative juices to surge and intensify your desire to go off an make awesome stuff!!!

Blending business and creative experience together, Jason Thompson is an accomplished animator who believes in the power of story. His background in children’s television, video gaming and advertising fuels his passion for meaningful visual communication.
An accomplished freelance illustrator, he has worked as an animation director, animator and storyboard artist for Cuppa Coffee, The Cookie Jar Company, Radical Sheep and Mercury Filmworks among many other studios. As the President of JarT Studios he is
currently adapting a children’s book he designed and illustrated to create an interactive storybook app.

Direct download: GWP_EP53ArtofDad.mp3
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Get ready to listen to two nerds bring themselves up to speed with the most current events in comics/video game and animation news. But don't think that it's just a recap of the top headlines. The boys also put their own spin on it relating everything back to how it affects the commercial artist for hire.

Direct download: GWP_Ep52.mp3
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Our guest this week, Michel Gagné is renowned for his incredible abilities. He has lent his talent to several animation companies, such as Don Bluth Studios, Warner Bros., Disney, Pixar, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc. His creative work can be seen in over twenty feature films including The Iron Giant, Osmosis Jones, and Ratatouille. Aside from his studio work, Michel is a determined entrepeneur who has created work in a wide range of media, from live performances to gallery exhibits. In 2007, he partnered with video game veteran, Joe Olson, and founded Shadow Planet Productions which released the critically acclaimed video game, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet in 2011.

Michel's Website

Direct download: GWP_Ep51Gagne.mp3
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This week it's just a catch up episode between the boys. They suddenly realize that almost 2 years have passed since they have been working. Where has that time gone? So They start to discuss the possibilities of what is in store for the next 2 years? Have a listen and enjoy the work week!

Direct download: GWP_Ep50.mp3
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What's the proper thing to do when a select few individuals try to derail the efforts put forward by the loyal fanbase?

How much damage control is really necessary for a company to display over this type of issue?

Who should the creators take side with? The fans? or the policies set in place by their employers?

The answers to these questions, and more will be answered on this episode of Guys With Pencils!


Direct download: GWP_Ep49.mp3
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Insanely talented.

That's what comes to mind when you hear the name Garrett Hanna!

Garrett works as an illustrator and has been trained as a concept artist and is a graduate of the Sheridan Animation program.
After school, he worked in Toronto for a few years as a designer but Now Garrett works in Orange County, Cali. illustrating for a well known video game company.

Listen to Garrett's thoughts on how he ended up on the west side of the continent.

Direct download: GWP_EP48GH-Graphics.mp3
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Paul A. Teolis has been working in the industry for the past 25 years. Some of the studios he has worked for include Dreamworks Animation/Pixar Animation/ Hero Entertainment/ Nelvana. He has had a variety of jobs throughout his career and is also an award winning photographer.

This week Paul provides an indepth chat about working abroad in the animation business and what it really takes for someone to survive in this unpredictable field.

Paul's Twitter
Facebook: Paul Teolis Photography

Direct download: GWP_Ep47Teolis.mp3
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Adam and Andrew watch the Double Fine Kickstarter metre reach $1,000,000 ! Its a countdown of sorts, kinda like new years eve but for gaming nerds.

This week they talk about the recent Double Fine announcement of a NEW point & click adventure game, along with an overall discussion about the video games that they know and love.

Enjoy the nerdgasms as they watch the metre rise!


Direct download: GWP_Ep46.mp3
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Joinning us this week is Max Gilardi of

According to Max, he spends his time making stupid cartoons for the internet, including Jerry and Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz.
He also works on a variety of parody shorts that have gained him massive attention online.

Max has a real passion for TV shows and has a lot of thoughts on where the audience is going now for entertainment.

So go grab some coffee and have a great work week! Enjoy!

Direct download: GWP_Ep45HotDiggedy.mp3
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If you worked at a fast food joint, and someone told you to flip some burgers for free. Would you? Hells NO! So why is it that people think it's ok to ask an artist to draw something for free?

This week the boys ponder this exact question.

Take it from Adam and Andrew, there's nothing more stressful for an artist than trying to maintain their identity and relevance working as a commerical arist.

If you would like to hear more about freelance and client relations check out this site below. 

Direct download: GWP_Ep44.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:14pm EDT

Jessika Von Innerebner is the lead art director for Mathtoons Media. She has been working in the animation business for over 12 years, working on a variety of interactive education products. Jessika has a burning passion for creating really amazing art and possesses the savviest of skills when it comes to self promotion and maintaining her career in this business.

Jessika didn't go to a post secondary arts program, but there is no lack of skills to be seen in her work. Check out her stuff if you want to see what true dedication and hard work look like when you have to learn as you go.

Click here to follow Jessika on twitter

Jessika's website - KARTOON KID


Direct download: GWP_Ep43.mp3
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The Return of Katie Shanahan along with her brother Shaggy Shanahan ( that's his real name!)

Katie and Shaggy just made a comic book called Silly Kingdom, and on this episode you're going to hear about how it was made! Along with the many obsticles that came up during its production. So if you've ever wanted to know how to make your own book and publish it yourself, then this is a must listen episode for you!

This has to be one of the funniest chats we have had doing this podcast. And you should all go to and buy Silly Kingdom too! If you dont already own it! Support indie talent and help an artist out!




Direct download: GWP_Ep42ShanahanSiblings.mp3
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Well it's been one of those weeks.

Andrew is busy with long hours and tight deadlines for work, while Adam is busy keeping his apartment warm and dry.

Now that they have been working for almost 2 years, new questions and concerns arise with the future and they realize that ambitions and dreams they once had have now changed.

This episode deals with how they have been adjusting but still trying to reach those long term goals.

Grab a coffee and warm up your computer! Have a great work week!

Direct download: GWP_Ep41.mp3
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Ring in the New Year with our final episode of 2011.

Adam and Andrew reflect on the the things that have passed since they started the podcast. A lot of talk regarding the future. Specifically the industry, how the structure has "changed" and what lies in store for the independent artist in 2012.

Check out this rad article if you're an artist and you are trying to sustain yourself as an independent!

Direct download: GWP_Ep40.mp3
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