WARNING: Listening to this episode may cause your creative juices to surge and intensify your desire to go off an make awesome stuff!!!

Blending business and creative experience together, Jason Thompson is an accomplished animator who believes in the power of story. His background in children’s television, video gaming and advertising fuels his passion for meaningful visual communication.
An accomplished freelance illustrator, he has worked as an animation director, animator and storyboard artist for Cuppa Coffee, The Cookie Jar Company, Radical Sheep and Mercury Filmworks among many other studios. As the President of JarT Studios he is
currently adapting a children’s book he designed and illustrated to create an interactive storybook app.



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Get ready to listen to two nerds bring themselves up to speed with the most current events in comics/video game and animation news. But don't think that it's just a recap of the top headlines. The boys also put their own spin on it relating everything back to how it affects the commercial artist for hire.

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Our guest this week, Michel Gagné is renowned for his incredible abilities. He has lent his talent to several animation companies, such as Don Bluth Studios, Warner Bros., Disney, Pixar, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc. His creative work can be seen in over twenty feature films including The Iron Giant, Osmosis Jones, and Ratatouille. Aside from his studio work, Michel is a determined entrepeneur who has created work in a wide range of media, from live performances to gallery exhibits. In 2007, he partnered with video game veteran, Joe Olson, and founded Shadow Planet Productions which released the critically acclaimed video game, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet in 2011.

Michel's Website

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This week it's just a catch up episode between the boys. They suddenly realize that almost 2 years have passed since they have been working. Where has that time gone? So They start to discuss the possibilities of what is in store for the next 2 years? Have a listen and enjoy the work week!

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What's the proper thing to do when a select few individuals try to derail the efforts put forward by the loyal fanbase?

How much damage control is really necessary for a company to display over this type of issue?

Who should the creators take side with? The fans? or the policies set in place by their employers?

The answers to these questions, and more will be answered on this episode of Guys With Pencils!


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