So this week they boys pull out their nerd cards. Comics/Games/Movies are the general topic of conversation between them. This episode we just focus more on our current day to day living while trying to maintain or jobs. Sometimes it's just nice to sit back and talk about the stuff that reminds us why we like to work in this business. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows. We get in to a discussion about the current situation with going out to a movie and how the industry needs to change with the times to survive.

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It's been almost a year since we last spoke with Mark Mayerson and now we are catching up with him to see what its been like with another year of teaching under his belt. This episodes focuses on the animation industry from the school perspective. Where things are going. How things are changing. What is being done to improve on whats needed. Where will the schools be in the future with the rise of tuition and the rise of technology?

This is a REALLY great episode that will touch on a lot of topics that a lot of animation professionals and students might be wondering themselves. Have a great work week!

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In this special episode we go live on the spot at TCAF 2012 to check out the amazing talent that is brewing in the city and around the world. Have a listen as we get to know the people who come to TCAF, run TCAF and work TCAF. If you have ever wanted to experience the sights and sounds from the perspective of two nerdy podcasters than this is the episode for you!


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Indie Game: The Movie was screened at the Bloor cinema during the Toronto Hot Docs fest. They boys took this chance to stand inline and do a quick pre screening record, and then a review of the film afterwards. Check it out and check out Indie Game: The Movie!

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