Guys with Pencils do their first live show at Con Bravo 2012! The boys are joined by the lovely and talented Katie Shanahan, The adorable Adriana Blake, and the Sexy Stephen Daymond!
When you create something and show it to the world, what comes next? How do you deal with the fame? How do you deal with the struggles of getting attention? How can you improve on your work to blow everyone away with your next project?
These are the questions we as during the panel with our guests!

Thanks to everyone at Con Bravo for all their help and support! Great times were had by all!

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This week, the boys chat it up over the final installment of the Dark Knight Rises which leads them in to a discussion about the future for DC characters and their potential movies. Along with that, they talk about their most recent updates with how work is going. This week we jump back into doing some fresh Top Scores

ALSO! Dont forget we will be hosting a panel at CON BRAVO in Burlington! Episode 70 will be recorded with some awesome stuff for those who attend! Click the link below for more details! See you there!

Andrew's Top Score
Adams Top Score


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Paul Rugg. When one hears the name many things come to mind. Writer, Musician, Voice Actor, Director, and the list goes on. But one thing Paul is known for among all others is that he is FREAKAZOID! This week we chat it up with the man behind the voice of Freakazoid. Talking about his beginnings in the animation business, his work from the 90s, to his current jobs that have been keeping him busy while raising his family on the west coast of the States.

Paul's Blog

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This week the boys head to TAAFI 2012! The first year of the festival! They got to speak with indie animator Nick Cross and his wife Marlo Meekins. Nick Cross is currently working on his own animated feature BLACK SUNRISE and Marlo is gaining a lot of attention with her comics that she has recently made available over the internet! Have a listen to what they think about working as hard as they can to make a living in this business!



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 Mike Roush & Allison Craig are animators currently working at TITMOUSE INC. in California. We had the good fortune of chatting with them one night after work. Both are super talented and super friendly. If you'd like to hear about their own personal film projects and how they both came to be working together on some of the coolest shows on TV, then have a listen! You might learn a thing or two!


TAAFI  is NEXT WEEKEND!!!  Need Tickets? Info on events?? --> CLICK HERE!!!

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