This week the boys head to Fan Expo 2012! Canada's largest Sci fi/Horror/Comics/Gaming con! A chance to the creators and stars to meet up with their fans! This con is so important to so many people. People will spend up to a year saving their money on hotels/transportation/priority passes just for this 4 day event. Have a listen as we talk to the creators of content and the fans who make up the Fan Expo!

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Alex Behtke and Andrew Traviss from Golden Gear Games join us this week! They both run Golden Gear Games and have worked with Adam and Rosemary at previous T.O. Jams. We chatted them up about working on in the game industry from the perspective of the progamming side of things. We also get in to the "biznaz" as we talk about how the Andrew and Alex moved on from working for a company to creating their very own!

for more info click the links!
Alex Bethke Twitter
Andrew Traviss Twitter
Golden Gear Games Twitter

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Shawn McGrath is the creator of DYAD and we were fortunate enough to sit down with him and talk about his career in the indie game industry. A really great guy to chat with and has a lot of good points to make about the ongoing changes in the video game business. Have a listen if you want to hear how a high school drop out made a name for himself with his fresh and engaging ideas.

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This episode was was recorded after a long work week, so the guys are a little all over the place. They still manage to talk about business (biznaz?) and their thoughts on all sorts of things. Have a listen, and tell us what you think!

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