Andrew had to take care of business so I grabbed three of our friends to take his place. We talk about being in between jobs, things we like and why Gobelins animation school is so awesome!

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This week, Adam and Andrew (mostly Andrew) speak with Dapper Dan Schoening! Dan is a freelance comic artist from Canada who is currently working on the IDW ongoing Ghostbusters series. The Ghostbusters comic is based off the 1984 cult classic film. For over 25 years there has been little to nothing when it comes to licensed Ghostbuster material and this IDW comic has hit it out of the ballpark with their talented crew working on this series. Have a listen as the boys dive into the development of this comic and how it came to be.

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We were lucky enough to chat with the super talented & all around nice guy, ROSS STEWART! Ross works out of Kilkenny, Ireland and has worked on such features as Cartoon Saloon's Oscar nominated "The Secret Of Kells" as the Art Director, and he just recently finished work on Laika's  "PARANORMAN". Have a Listen as Ross goes though his process of coming up with the world for Paranorman and also talks about his developement process when making his work.

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This week the boys play catch up as they talk about the work that has been creeping up on them.

Special thanks to Braden Poirier for the fantastic banner art! Click here to check out more work by this insanely talented guy!

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