This week we take a little trip back down memory lane. After working for almost 3 years now in TV production, the boys take a moment to recap their experiences. They go as far back as their last year in school and discuss the process of making a short film for the first time. It's a really interesting perspective to have after working professionally for someone else. Going back and analyzing the student films allowed them to make calls they never would have made as students.

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That is the question this week on Guys With Pencils. The boys talk about the pros and cons of how today's cinema seems to be driven by "the reboot" Sometimes you get a fresh take on a property (ie Star Trek 2009) but then again there are those which puzzle the mind and leave the audience scratching their heads (ie Tim Burton's Planet Of the Apes). This whole conversation leads up to the recent news that the cult comic "The GOON" is developing a reel through kickstarter. Have a listen as we come full circle on what turns out to be a really interesting discussion.

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Joining us for lunch this week is Mr. Colin Jack. Character Designer and Children's Book illustrator extraordinaire! We've had Colin on the show before (EP 35 - Finding Your Voice). This time Colin is leaving on a trip of feature length proportions and GWP has the exclusive talk on his whirl wind tale. Colin talks about his trip which takes us from Toronto to Pixar to Paris and then to Dreamworks. Have a listen to this really great follow up talk!


(Note: This episode was recorded at a restaurant, so there is background noise.)

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Do you like comics? Do you like Canadians? Those are trick questions because the answer to both is YES! And with that we are proud to introduce to you, an episode featuring J. Bone and J. Torres! Both work in the Comic industry and have put together a project featuring Canadian Superheroes called TRUE PATRIOT!! Sounds awesome right? You might be asking "Where can I get this awesome sauce that is True Patriot?" Well if you like to support the independent comic artists and writers, you should head over to their indiegogo page and watch the video and donate! Have a listen this week as we dive into the world of TRUE PATRIOT!


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This week is a special episode of Guys With Pencils.
It took 8 months but Andrew and Adam share their
experiences learning about the challenges women face
in comics and games, both as creators and consumers
of the mediums. Then learn about what women are
doing to make it better.

Special thanks to our guests for taking the time to talk to us and being patient with production.
Music in this episode taken from the Directionless EP by Broke for Free.
If you liked the music, check him out and be sure to tip and repay his generosity for sharing
his music.

Tell us what you thought of this episode on twitter @guyswithpencils

Kate Leth:
Samantha and Rosemary: Professional Game Artists
Jody Houser:, Womanthology
Adriana Blake: Fall On Me, Womanthology
Zoe Quinn: Its Not Ok Cupid, Dames Making Games
Jennie Faber: DMG Toronto
Cecily Carver: DMG Toronto

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