This week is a special episode of Guys With Pencils.
It took 8 months but Andrew and Adam share their
experiences learning about the challenges women face
in comics and games, both as creators and consumers
of the mediums. Then learn about what women are
doing to make it better.

Special thanks to our guests for taking the time to talk to us and being patient with production.
Music in this episode taken from the Directionless EP by Broke for Free.
If you liked the music, check him out and be sure to tip and repay his generosity for sharing
his music.

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Kate Leth:
Samantha and Rosemary: Professional Game Artists
Jody Houser:, Womanthology
Adriana Blake: Fall On Me, Womanthology
Zoe Quinn: Its Not Ok Cupid, Dames Making Games
Jennie Faber: DMG Toronto
Cecily Carver: DMG Toronto

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