The final episode of 2012 for GWP. We look back on the memories and adventures we shared through the past 12 months. Sprinkled throughout this episode are moments of inspirations and hints to what's in store for 2013! Hope you enjoy and keep listening this upcoming year! 

Happy New Year! 

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This Holiday season we celebrate with our close friends. We look back on the holidays of yesteryear. The Holidays mean Christmas specials, and Christmas specials mean animation. You're going to hear from a dozen animators talk about their favorite Christmas animation moments.  So grab some hot cocoa, a plate of cookies and your sketchbook. Take some time this season to chill out and spend the Next hour with us shooting the shit.

Also! Check out this link to our upcoming guest for 2013 Geneviève FT!!

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We have returned to the lovely Bento Miso facility to cover the DMG (Dames Making Games) Toronto event this week.
This event was a follow up of the awesome work that was done at the No Jam event. The No Jame event was held for 20 women to make games during DMG Toronto's first-ever game jam for new game makers.
At the DMG event we got to meet and greet all the game makers and talk to them on why this event is so important to the participants.

Click here for more info on DMG

Alex Bethke:

Pina Visconti:

Leisha Marie-Riddel:

Damian Sommers:

Jen Harrison: @jennofour

Jennie Faber @jennie

Cecily Carver: @cecilycarver

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Former classmate and all around nice guy Kevin Parry joins us this week around the mic to discuss his career within the past 2 years. What's really interesting about Kevin's work to date is his ability to utilize social media to share his work with people from all around the globe. This episode goes into talk about his thoughts on digital distribution and the pros and cons of festival submissions. This is a great episode especially for any of our student listeners if you are looking to maximize your films potential once you graduate.

Check out Kevin's blog HERE

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Just Adam and Andrew this week for GWP. The boys are winding down after a crazy work week. So for this episode it's a lot of talk about what they've learned doing the podcast and where things are going for the new year. They also touch on what goals they are looking into working on for 2013. And to wrap it all up, Andrew contemplates the ordeal of head/body lice and Adam hints at "maybe" doing stand up comedy one day.

Our sweet fan art banner was done by The Flying Tacoz!! Check out more of their stuff here!

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