This week the boys visit the Toronto studio Tinman Creative and talk to one of its founders Brett Jubinville! Brett tells us all about his career and what its like to start and run a studio in today's media climate while still being and artist!

Direct download: GWP_Ep142Tinman.mp3
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This week we spoke with Animatic TO creator Barry A. Sanders! Barry is a local Toronto animator who has been working in the industry over the past 17 years. He has recently created the new monthly animation social get together group, Animatic TO.

Animatic TO is a monthly animation lecture series and social event dedicated to education, inspiration and building community in Toronto's animation scene. It's only in its 3rd session, but the reception has been fantastic!

If you can make it in to Toronto for Wednesday the 18th, come see Kris Pearn (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 co-director) do his lecture!

If you would like more info click HERE

Direct download: GWP_Ep141Barry.mp3
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Adam and Andrew were at the Bit Bazaar Winter Market this weekend. It was a great time had by all! If you didnt go, you missed out on one hell of a festival! The Guys had the chance to talk with some previous guests who had been on the podcast before (Rosemary Brennan, Rachel Kahn) But they also got to chat with some new folks, Like Miles Baker (He helps run TCAF!). Adam and Andrew also get to have a sit down with the overly helpful and talented couple Jenny & Henry Faber. Without them there would be no Bit Bazaar.
The Bazaar had a relaxed vibe of comradery that you dont really see at a lot of the bigger expos, So it definitely stood out as one of the best community efforts put together in a long time. Have a listen to the episode

Check out more info about the Bazaar HERE 

Check out Robby Duguay's Christmas album HERE

Direct download: GWP_Ep140BitBazaar.mp3
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This week the Boys start off with a little recap of the previous work week, talking jobs, events, and overall the atmosphere and where their heads are at for the upcoming month. December can be a really busy time with work, parties, holidays, etc etc. So In this episode they talk about the future opportunities and ideas they both have rolling around inside their heads.
They also received a question regarding Freelance work from a listener, to which they address in this episode.

"...Im looking for advice about commissions on flash puppets. I get people requesting me if I can make puppets for them. How should I price?..."  


If you happen to be in the Toronto Area on Dec 7th - Check out the Bit Bazaar @ Bento Miso! MORE INFO HERE

Direct download: GWP_Ep139.mp3
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 From the start of this podcast we have always made it a point to be observant of what our effect on the animation industry is. Working as Canadians within this industry we have either been working on content for overseas clients or working on our own ideas and trying to expand the Canadian animation scene at home and abroad.
In this episode, we discuss our own personal thoughts based on the past three years. It revolves around the politics, the finances and the culture that we live in that defines our roles in the Canadian animation scene. 
Direct download: GWP_Ep138.mp3
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We got to hang out with the awesome talent behind ASTEROID BASE this week! Asteroid Base is a Toronto based indie game studio headed by Matt Hammill  and Jamie Tucker.
We got to have a long lengthy chat about their early starting points with the company and the trails and tribulations they have encountered doing what they do. It's a great talk and we learned a lot about their process and personal motivations that help them make the awesome games they want to play!

Check their site HERE!

Direct download: GWP_Ep136AsteroidBase.mp3
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If you have ever enjoyed Calvin & Hobbes we hope this weeks episode will be a treat for you! Just over a week ago a fan made animation was posted online to YouTube that was based off the classic comic strip. And during the time that it was posted it has reached over 500,000 views! If you haven't seen it Check it out HERE!
And this week we were able to sit and chat with the fan who animated this adorable short. Adam Brown! Adam is a freelance animator who works out of Hamilton, Ontario. This episode has a lot of classic newspaper comic talk along with some insight on getting ones foot in the animation door.

Follow Adam Brown HERE

Check out the Bill Watterson Inspired Comic based off a speech he gave, HERE

ALSO as a bonus; Check out the trailer for this new documentary about the impact of Calvin and Hobbes and its reclusive creator Bill Watterson. Check that out HERE

Direct download: GWP_Ep136..mp3
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BAMF! It stands for BIG ACTION MEGA FIGHT!!! It's an new mobile game created by Double Stallion! The game is available on your mobile phones in Canada and will soon be available in the US! We got to chat with Eric Angelillo about his role in the creation of it!  It's a classic beat em up fighter game that throws a lot of love and care out to those types of games of yesteryear! If you love these kinds of games, check it out! It's Free too! 
Also, as a bonus, we chat with Eric about his process about creating the game and the amount of work it took for him to develop and get to a point where he wanted to work for himself within the game industry!

Check out Big Action Mega Fight on ITUNES!

Check out Eric's site HERE and download BAMF for your mobile device!

Direct download: GWP_Ep135BAMF.mp3
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So we started talking about how Canadian TV networks are going to have some changes happening with how they allow their customers to view channel packages. It's an interesting topic that we bounce off from and took us to the deepest darkest areas of the internet and how to deal with the discourse that takes place. Then we talk about how we look at shows and games, and how important does the artistic look really come into play in the grand scheme of things?
It's an all over the place kind of episode, but it all comes back to living in a visual world and how Adam loves his Bar Wars (technically known as Bar Rescue).

Check out this link we mentioned in this episode:

A Survivor's Guide to Discourse in the Internet Age


Direct download: GWP_Ep134.mp3
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She's one of the first female super heroes, predating Wonder Woman. She is based of the Inuit mythology and folklore. She is one of Canada's earliest Golden Age hero's in comic history! She's NELVANA!! 
Nelvana of the Northern Lights has been brought back to life through the efforts of Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey! They put a Kickstarter together to help re issue her stories to people everywhere.  
We had the opportunity to chat with Hope and Rachel about Nelvana and the role she has within Canadian comic history. If you are a fan of the Golden Age of comics from Canada and want to learn more about Nelvana then have a listen to our interview with her!

Follow Rachel and Hope on Twitter and check out more info on Nelvana HERE

Direct download: GWP_Ep133Nelvana.mp3
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We got to sit down this week with Ricardo Curtis. Ricardo is the co-owner of the Toronto based studio House Of Cool. Known for their pre-production work, HoC has worked for a variety of major motion picture studios. If you have ever wondered what sets themselves apart from the other studios in town, have a listen to what Ricardo says. It's a fantastic talk filled with inspiration all along the way.  

Check out House of Cool throughout the web!

Direct download: GWP_Ep132HoC.mp3
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Seen the awesome animated short COIN? It's baller...friggin baller. It's a visual treat and so well done. This week we chat with it's creator CHRIS BURNS of Exit 73 Studios. Along withe Chris is his team member Bob Fox. Both guys runs Exit 73 and worked on COIN. One of the awesome things about this short is how Chris said he focused on animating the energy he had built up and from there he created a story around that. A really awesome way to create a short film if you ask us. Have a listen if you want to get all inspired with animation goodness!

Check out Exit 73 Studios HERE
Exit 73 Studios Twitter
Exit 73 Studios Facebook 

Direct download: GWP_Ep131Coin.mp3
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Did you ever think you wanted to go back to school for a second career? Maybe you want to try the animation industry? But you're not sure if it's the right choice. Maybe you think you're too old, or that it wont be worth the time and money. Well if you have ever thought about these things you should have a listen to this episode with our friend Rob Finlay.
Rob works in the gaming industry but before that he had a completely different career. When Rob was 30 he took the chance on going back to school following his passion of art and animation. Check out this episode if you want to hear someone who made the choice to go back to school.

Check out Rob's Blog here!

Direct download: GWP_Ep130Finlay.mp3
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Natahsa Allegri is our guest this week. She's the creator of the Cartoon Hangover sensation BEE & PUPPYCAT! She's also responsible for the designs behind FIONA & CAKE of Adventure Time! 
We have a great chat about the developement of BEE & PUPPYCAT and how it came to be along with her developement as an artist too. Also, if you a fan of Garfield, Ice Cream, and talking movies then you'll really enjoy all the other stuff we talk about in this episode!

Check out Natasha's Twitter
Check out Natasha's Tumblr
Check out Bee & PuppyCat 

Direct download: GWP_Ep129Natasha.mp3
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Adam and Andrew head back to school! This week they attened Sheridan College to check out their old stomping grounds. While they were there, they had the joy of running in to a current student, Justin Chan! 

Now Justin isn't your ordinary animation student. His work has already been featured at PAX 2013 and he was also able to secure a job working in the TV animation business. Have a listen because it's a pretty interesting tale to hear the old school talk with the new school. 

Check out Justin's Twitter and his Tumblr

Direct download: GWP_Ep128Justin.mp3
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Michelle Tripp is a Toronto based animator. She currently worked on the new show GROJBAND! (airs Thursday nights @ 7pm on TELETOON) Not only is she just an animator, She's an animation lead! She's in charge of making sure the whole production comes together on the animation side. She's been working for a decade in the Canadian TV animation business. Have a Listen as we talk about a variety of things. Starting with her own work to what it's like being a female lead animator in the animation business where there are a lot of males producing the work.

Check out her TUMBLR HERE!
And if you liked that check out her TWITTER!


Direct download: GWP_Ep127Tripp.mp3
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The boys catch up on recent going on's including Andrew's first serious experience behind the table at Fan Expo, Adam not going for the first time in 10 years and what it all means to them.

Direct download: GWP_Ep126.mp3
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This week we talk with Drew Green. The self taught, no school kick as cartoon illustrated and web comic maker!!

He's the guy with the devilish flare behind his online comic ROSS BOSTON. Drew is primarily a freelance artist and supports himself by taking on a variety of commission work. Have a listen while we chat with Drew. Talking from everything about the how to's when it comes to creating content for on the internet to how to maintane a way of living through your work.

Check out Drew's Tumbrl HERE
Check out Drew's Twitter HERE 

Direct download: GWP_Ep125DrewGreen.mp3
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Hey Guy! (slurp) So this week we got to interview someone who was incredibly influential to us during our high school and college years. Pete Williams is the creator of the MTV series Undergrads!!! We had a really awesome talk with Pete about his career in the animation business and how it all happened with Undergrads. If you have ever wondered what it might be like to make a cartoon for a major TV network at the age of 18. Then this is an episode you should really listen too. Hope you all enjoy listening to this episode as much we enjoyed making it.

Follow Pete on TWITTER!! 

Direct download: GWP_Ep124UGPeteWilliams.mp3
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Cellar Door Games is an independent video game development company located in Toronto, Ontario. Theyre known for a variety of games but in this episode, the two we're focusing on are "Dont S#$% Your Pants" and "Rogue Legacy"

Have a listen while we dive into the behind the scenes work that goes on a Cellar Door Games! 

Direct download: GWP_Ep123TeddyLee.mp3
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This episode was recorded months ago during a cottage weekend getaway with friends. We thought it had accidently been erased but luckily it was found just recently! So Have a listen to this really interesting group chat, featuring cool animation folks like; Ben Thomas, Kyu Bum Lee, Wayne Michael Lee, Allison Neil, Eric Gauthier and Amanda Martin! 


Direct download: GWP_Ep122LostCottage.mp3
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 This week we're going to talk pre school entertainment. Both Adam and Andrew have worked on pre school television shows so what they say about them is taken from those experiences. What makes a good preschool show? What is the goal that is trying to be made when creating a new brandname for preschoolers? How much is too much when it comes to advertising to pr schoolers? Should have those who don't even have children express their opinions on what these kids should be watching?
 These are some of the questions Adam and Andrew put out there in this episode as they try to dig deeper into how this all works within their industry.

Direct download: GWP_Ep121.mp3
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J. Bone returns to talk shop! COMICS! MOVIES! and CARTOONS! In this episode we cover J's new Horror Comic he's working on. Talking about how to adapt to a new style and making it work for him. We also dive in to the summer 2013 movie chat. Star Trek In To Darkness, World War Z, Man of Steel, This Is The End, Pacific Rim! And to top it all off we chat about the new DC Wonder Woman Short being made by Rober Valley. 

Go check out J's site and also his Twitter too! 


Direct download: GWP_Ep120Bone03.mp3
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We took a visit to the province of British Columbia this week to attend the wedding of our good friends, Braden Poirer and Jennifer Tisdale! The wedding was amazing along with the awesome time we had spent with all our old and new friends. 
 In this episode we talk to the newly weds about the challenges about moving long distances and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and with your partner. It takes a lot of dedication and if anyone can speak!

Thanks again to the Bride and Groom for letting us record with them. It's been something we've been looking forward to for a long time! Also Thanks to our pal Jamie Metzger for the awesome photo she took of us while we recorded the episode on a dock!

Direct download: GWP_Ep119BC.mp3
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What is best in life you ask? Well the answer is of course it's Rachel Kahn! A concept artist with a flare for the unusual. One of her most recent triumphs is that she made a book! YEAH! I FREAKIN BOOK! How many of you can take that to the bank? 
Her book is titled Conan The Barbarian is my Spirit Guide: By Crom! Have a listen and check out her book as we dive more in to the world of awesome fantasy art and what makes Rachel an awesome person doing her thing!

Check out her Twitter HERE

and her site HERE 

Direct download: GWP_Ep118Kahn.mp3
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So this week we ended up recording from our respected dwellings due to the fact that we both had to work this weekend. So as we talk about the work we end up on the topic of what it's like to work from home and what you need to make it work. There are a variety of things you need to take in to consideration. Such as comfort, discipline, proper hardware and software too. These are all things that we address as we talk about the importance of managing your time and your overall health.

Direct download: GWP_Ep117.mp3
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This week we chat with Damian Sommer. If you've been to a Game Jam in Toronto in the past little while you have probably heard of Mr. Sommer. He has currently finished working on his latest co creation with Emily Carroll titled, The Yawhg! 
Have you ever wondered how someone gets in to the gaming community?  What's the process one takes to get to know the people who make really cool games?  Have a listen as we chat with Damian's personal journey as he went from political science student to indie gamer guru.

Follow Damian on his TWITTER


Direct download: GWP_Ep116Sommer.mp3
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That's Rachel Wolfe! She's a character designer and vis. development artist currently working in mobile gaming and lives in the States. We found Rachel's work by accident and we really liked her stuff! She has some amazing bird sketches that will put your bird drawing skills to shame. Have a listen as we hear her tale of going to school then having to leave after one year! This is a tale for those who are finding art school to be a bit much when it comes to financing. Rachel's story has some great points on things you can do to help continue on your path to becoming a professional artist in the industry.

Check out her Daily Bird site HERE and follow her on Twitter HERE!

Direct download: GWP_Ep115Rachel.mp3
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After losing an episode to the ravages of technology and whiskey, the boys talk about taking breaks and how easy it is to be

up to your neck in work after taking one.

Direct download: GWP_Ep114.mp3
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Steve Stark has returned to Guys With PEncils! And this time, He made a full length animated feature!! CRAZY! Steve did this out of his home in Toronto! What a crazy guy. But if you think that's crazy then get ready for this..... The movie he made is an official JAY AND SILENT BOB movie! From the universe that brought you CLERKS, MALLRATS, CHASING AMY, DOGMA, JAY & BOB: STRIKE BACK, and CLERKS II and now an anmated feature featuring the two lovelable stoners. JAY AND SILENT BOB'S SUPER GROOVY CARTOON MOVIE!

Have a listen as we probe Steve ( in more ways than one *wink wink*) about how he was able to make this feature film a reality!


Direct download: GWP_Ep113Stark2.mp3
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This week we talk about a really wonderful comic that came our way. We found it through tumblr and it's been a really nice gesture that someone has made for us. But not only that, we have an amazing episode filled with ups and downs of emotional termoil! From plane crashes to recaps of our panels during TCAF 2013, it's a wild one! hope you all enjoy this week!

Dont forget to check out the awesome comic we mentioned above! 

Direct download: GWP_Ep112.mp3
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It's Podcast Time with our special guest ANDY RISTAINO! He's currently working on the ever so popular television smash hit ADVENTURE TIME! Have you ever wondered what it's like to work on Adventure Time? What's the process like? How do they write their scripts? What's it like to design on that show? Well you're in luck because we ask Andy all these questions and many more!
Check out Andy's awesome site along with his newly funded Kickstarter comic, Night Of The Living Vidiots! 

Direct download: GWP_Ep111Skronked.mp3
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This week we are joined with Lee Ann Dufour. A Toronto Local but a Quebec native. She graduated from Sheridan in 2010 but instead of going to work in the studio system she took a different path. It's a road less traveled with fresh graduates but Lee Ann was able to make it work for her situation. Lee Ann has established herself as an successful and accomplished artist and business woman. 
Have a listen if you want to know the juicy details on how she was able to make this freelance career work for her.

Facebook Page

ALSO! Check out some excellent resource books Lee Ann suggests to the Freelance Artist. You can find these links at our Guys With Pencils FACEBOOK PAGE


Direct download: GWP_Ep110LeeAnn.mp3
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This week we sat down with the boys from DRINKBOX STUDIOS to talk about their recent release GUACAMELEE!!! 
If you haven't heard about this amazing game, shame on you! The only way to redeem yourself is to go buy it now! DO IT NOW! .....
Did you buy it? Good. Now you can hear the awesomeness from Steph Goulet (Art Director) Ben Thomas (Animator) Cuxo Quikano (Concept Artist/Animator and Creator of Guacamelee). These guys were kind enough to bring us in to their work space to talk all kinds of awesome things that wound up making this awesome game! Hope you all enjoy!!

Warning: Small story spoilers


Direct download: GWP_Ep109Drinkbox.mp3
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Out guest this week is Ryan Creighton of Untold Entertainment. Ryan has been working on his game SPELLIRIUM for over the last 13 years. This is a great episode that covers the side of what it's like of managing a team of artists and what an employer must do when it comes to the hiring and firing of the people who make his content come true.  Ryan provides a look into the world where a lot of new graduates don't often get to see. It's a long process with a lot of factors to take in to consideration when you're dealing with real money and not a school grade.

Check out more Spellirium HERE!

And you can also follow Ryan on his TWITTER 

Direct download: GWP_Ep108Untold.mp3
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Robin Joseph is a freelance artist who was one of the graduates from Sheridan's diploma program before it turned over into a four year degree program. Since the mid 00's he has been working as a designer one a variety of projects for major motion picture studios. Have a listen to Robin's soft soothing voice as he recalls the trails and tribulations he faced when he just started out working in this competitive business.

Check out Robin's Site HERE 

Direct download: GWP_Ep107Robin.mp3
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Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Frank Macchia is currently animating down in LA. How does a Canadian make their way from the Great White North all the way down to Hollywood to make some of that sweet, sweet cartoon money? Well look no further my friends, Frank is here to tell us his story about the trials he faced getting to work down in the States. 

Lots to learn from Frank's story and he's also a fantastic artist and animator! Check out his work HERE!!!


If you're a fan for the art of COLIN JACK, then check out the new book series he's currently working on, GALAXY ZACK!

 Watch Next EstroGen HERE!

Direct download: GWP_Ep106Sideburns.mp3
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So this week we are trying something a little different. We're joined with Troy and Ryan from DARC PRODUCTIONS. They both work on a variety of projects that involve everything from post audio services to custom sound designs. Not only do they offer their services with audio ambiance but Both Tony and Ryan are working on a documentary about the global phenomenon of Game Jamming! Have a listen as they talk about the endless amount of hours they have put in to developing this project! And to find out more information about DARC, head on over to their website!

*NOTE: Andrew drops some Les Miserables spoilers in this ep*

Direct download: GWP_Ep105DARC.mp3
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Steve Lambe is our guest this week. A designer from the East Coast of Canada, Steve has been working for the past years in the animation business. Originally started studying to be a teacher, Steve changed his path and has never looked back. Working on such shows El Tigre, Fanboy & Chum-Chum and currently he is boarding on Craig McCracken's new animated series, Wonder Over Yonder. 
Check out his awesome Blog and Tumblr and enjoy the episode! 

Direct download: GWP_Ep104EpicBeard.mp3
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This week we chat with the lovely, adorable couple, Lindsay & Alex Small-Butera. They are the creators of the sensational animated series, BAMAN/PIDERMAN! We get to have a lovely talk about what it's like making content for the internet. Check out their shorts HERE if you haven't already heard about the show. Alex and Lindsay are probably two of the nicest people we've ever come across in this business. It's really wonderful to talk about creative content with such down earth people. Have a listen as we dive in to a ton of laughs and good times with these two!

Alex's Twitter
Lindsay's Twitter 

Direct download: GWP_Ep103Small-Butera.mp3
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How do you get your work out there? Well there's the internet obviously. But which is the best way to go about showcasing your talents? You have; Twitter, Deviant Art, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, the list goes on. But what are the pros and cons between these sites? Well that's what we talk about this episode. Have a listen as the Boys try to figure things out!

Thanks crypticink for the show idea!


Direct download: GWP_Ep102.mp3
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Lisa Bell is a good friend of ours who we have seen time and time again at all the local conventions. She is the creator and owner of Nerdbiskit, plush and print treats for geeks! We have Lisa on as our guest this week because she is a super talented lady who has been able to create her own business. Have you ever sat around saying to yourself, "Gee, I wish I could have my own business. How do people do it?" Well look no further because we're going to prey these secrets out of Lisa's head and in to your ears for your learning and listening pleasure!

Follow Lisa on Twitter  

Direct download: GWP_Ep101Nerdbiskit.mp3
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WHOA! We reached 100 episodes? This is crazy! Crazy good that is! So for this very special episode, we've had the tables turned on us. Instead of interviewing a guest or just talking amongst ourselves. We've invited some of our previous guests and mentors to a sit down dinner where they get to be the hosts of the episode and interviews the Guys With Pencils.

Special Thanks to our Guest hosts: Mark Mayerson, Paul Teolis, Scott Caple and Jim Caswell (AKA The Guys With Glasses)

Hope you all enjoy! Thanks for listening and sticking with us! We have the best audience that we could ever hope for! 


Direct download: GWP_Ep100.mp3
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This week we're chatting with Scott C! Scott is a painter/comic artist/illustrator/Kid's book illustrator and art director for video games. He's worked for LucasArts and Double Fine Productions on such titles as PSYCHONAUTS and BRUTAL LEGEND. Not only is Scott an inredible force of talent with his professional work he is also the creator of the wildly successful series "GREAT SHOWDOWNS". Have a listen as we dive in to the thought process and delightful style of Scott C!!!!! 

Check out Scott's Website HERE! 
Scott's Twitter

Direct download: GWP_Ep099ScottC.mp3
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This week we are joined with Cartoonist extraordinaire, Stephen Silver!

Recently Stephen has posted a series of videos where he talks about the importance of protecting the rights of an artist. We followed up with Stephen to go more in depth about the issues that affect artists all over the world. Specifically when it comes to being exploited by clients from hell. If you have ever been contacted to work for someone providing your art, this is a very important episode to listen too. There's great advice Stephen has to offer and it will help you to learn about  your rights as an artist. 

Stephen's Twitter
Stephen's Facebook 

Direct download: GWP_Ep098Silver.mp3
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A few months ago, four friends with experience making games got together to talk about the medium
in depth, then made a podcast about it. We then put the fate of the podcast in your hands, if you liked it we would make more and if not we would end it after the first one. We are happy to say you liked us so we are happy to give you the second episode
and this time we have a name! This month on Team 4x we talk about Stealth Bastard, what makes a stealthy game
stealthy and rant about Far Cry 3! This episode was recorded in December but more are on the way, so expect a site
and a separate Itunes feed soon!

Talk to us at,

Henry Faber - @henryfaber
Miguel Sternberg - @spookysquid
Alex Bethke - @MrAlexBethke
Adam Hines - @guyswithpencils

Direct download: Team4x01.mp3
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Geneieve FT is our guest this week and we got to sit down over a cup of tea to talk while she was visiting Toronto. She's studied animation for 6 years, creating and producing no less than seven short films. During those years. she discovered a passion for concept art and illustration. Have a listen as she tells us how she went about establishing herself, managing her business affairs and maintains her professionalism in every endeavor she takes on.

Check out more of her work HERE

Direct download: GWP_96Genevieve.mp3
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So this week we're talking with Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers Director, KRIS PEARN! We're going to chat about Cloudy 1 and its upcoming sequel. Along with some extra tidbits about Kris's work throughout his career. Hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. Kris has some excellent points to share about what it means to be an artist and how to manage yourself when it comes to focusing your energy on a given task. If the task is for a client, or if it's for your own personal satisfaction, Kris gives some good points to think about when tackling these things.

Check out more at Kris's blog HERE

Hope you enjoy!


Direct download: GWP_EP95CloudyKris.mp3
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Few words can describe the awesomness that is Paul Watling. But if you had to choose one it would most likely be, Superfuckingtalentedamazingniceguy! That's right it's a world. Look it up! And when you do, you'll see Paul's face next to it.
Paul is a Canadian board artist and designer based out of Toronto. He's been working on a variety of TV projects over the past decade. His work is so tight that he makes other board artists pee their pants just from one glance at his panels. 
Turn up the volume and prepare for the awesomeness of this Epic beard and sleeve tattoo artist - PAUL WATLING!!!!

Direct download: GWP_Ep94Paul.mp3
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This week we chat it up with our former professor of layout, Scott Caple! Scott's resume include some of the following, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Warth of Khan, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, Tarzan, and The Incredibles to name a few. He is an accomplished draftsman and has a wealth of information to share from his career as a professional freelancer and as an instructor in the animation field. 

Check out Scott's Blog HERE! 

Direct download: GWP_Ep93Caple.mp3
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