Geneieve FT is our guest this week and we got to sit down over a cup of tea to talk while she was visiting Toronto. She's studied animation for 6 years, creating and producing no less than seven short films. During those years. she discovered a passion for concept art and illustration. Have a listen as she tells us how she went about establishing herself, managing her business affairs and maintains her professionalism in every endeavor she takes on.

Check out more of her work HERE

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So this week we're talking with Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers Director, KRIS PEARN! We're going to chat about Cloudy 1 and its upcoming sequel. Along with some extra tidbits about Kris's work throughout his career. Hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. Kris has some excellent points to share about what it means to be an artist and how to manage yourself when it comes to focusing your energy on a given task. If the task is for a client, or if it's for your own personal satisfaction, Kris gives some good points to think about when tackling these things.

Check out more at Kris's blog HERE

Hope you enjoy!


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Few words can describe the awesomness that is Paul Watling. But if you had to choose one it would most likely be, Superfuckingtalentedamazingniceguy! That's right it's a world. Look it up! And when you do, you'll see Paul's face next to it.
Paul is a Canadian board artist and designer based out of Toronto. He's been working on a variety of TV projects over the past decade. His work is so tight that he makes other board artists pee their pants just from one glance at his panels. 
Turn up the volume and prepare for the awesomeness of this Epic beard and sleeve tattoo artist - PAUL WATLING!!!!

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This week we chat it up with our former professor of layout, Scott Caple! Scott's resume include some of the following, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Warth of Khan, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, Tarzan, and The Incredibles to name a few. He is an accomplished draftsman and has a wealth of information to share from his career as a professional freelancer and as an instructor in the animation field. 

Check out Scott's Blog HERE! 

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