WHOA! We reached 100 episodes? This is crazy! Crazy good that is! So for this very special episode, we've had the tables turned on us. Instead of interviewing a guest or just talking amongst ourselves. We've invited some of our previous guests and mentors to a sit down dinner where they get to be the hosts of the episode and interviews the Guys With Pencils.

Special Thanks to our Guest hosts: Mark Mayerson, Paul Teolis, Scott Caple and Jim Caswell (AKA The Guys With Glasses)

Hope you all enjoy! Thanks for listening and sticking with us! We have the best audience that we could ever hope for! 


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This week we're chatting with Scott C! Scott is a painter/comic artist/illustrator/Kid's book illustrator and art director for video games. He's worked for LucasArts and Double Fine Productions on such titles as PSYCHONAUTS and BRUTAL LEGEND. Not only is Scott an inredible force of talent with his professional work he is also the creator of the wildly successful series "GREAT SHOWDOWNS". Have a listen as we dive in to the thought process and delightful style of Scott C!!!!! 

Check out Scott's Website HERE! 
Scott's Twitter

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This week we are joined with Cartoonist extraordinaire, Stephen Silver!

Recently Stephen has posted a series of videos where he talks about the importance of protecting the rights of an artist. We followed up with Stephen to go more in depth about the issues that affect artists all over the world. Specifically when it comes to being exploited by clients from hell. If you have ever been contacted to work for someone providing your art, this is a very important episode to listen too. There's great advice Stephen has to offer and it will help you to learn about  your rights as an artist. 

Stephen's Twitter
Stephen's Facebook 

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A few months ago, four friends with experience making games got together to talk about the medium
in depth, then made a podcast about it. We then put the fate of the podcast in your hands, if you liked it we would make more and if not we would end it after the first one. We are happy to say you liked us so we are happy to give you the second episode
and this time we have a name! This month on Team 4x we talk about Stealth Bastard, what makes a stealthy game
stealthy and rant about Far Cry 3! This episode was recorded in December but more are on the way, so expect a site
and a separate Itunes feed soon!

Talk to us at,

Henry Faber - @henryfaber
Miguel Sternberg - @spookysquid
Alex Bethke - @MrAlexBethke
Adam Hines - @guyswithpencils

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