So this week we are trying something a little different. We're joined with Troy and Ryan from DARC PRODUCTIONS. They both work on a variety of projects that involve everything from post audio services to custom sound designs. Not only do they offer their services with audio ambiance but Both Tony and Ryan are working on a documentary about the global phenomenon of Game Jamming! Have a listen as they talk about the endless amount of hours they have put in to developing this project! And to find out more information about DARC, head on over to their website!

*NOTE: Andrew drops some Les Miserables spoilers in this ep*

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Steve Lambe is our guest this week. A designer from the East Coast of Canada, Steve has been working for the past years in the animation business. Originally started studying to be a teacher, Steve changed his path and has never looked back. Working on such shows El Tigre, Fanboy & Chum-Chum and currently he is boarding on Craig McCracken's new animated series, Wonder Over Yonder. 
Check out his awesome Blog and Tumblr and enjoy the episode! 

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This week we chat with the lovely, adorable couple, Lindsay & Alex Small-Butera. They are the creators of the sensational animated series, BAMAN/PIDERMAN! We get to have a lovely talk about what it's like making content for the internet. Check out their shorts HERE if you haven't already heard about the show. Alex and Lindsay are probably two of the nicest people we've ever come across in this business. It's really wonderful to talk about creative content with such down earth people. Have a listen as we dive in to a ton of laughs and good times with these two!

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Lindsay's Twitter 

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How do you get your work out there? Well there's the internet obviously. But which is the best way to go about showcasing your talents? You have; Twitter, Deviant Art, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, the list goes on. But what are the pros and cons between these sites? Well that's what we talk about this episode. Have a listen as the Boys try to figure things out!

Thanks crypticink for the show idea!


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Lisa Bell is a good friend of ours who we have seen time and time again at all the local conventions. She is the creator and owner of Nerdbiskit, plush and print treats for geeks! We have Lisa on as our guest this week because she is a super talented lady who has been able to create her own business. Have you ever sat around saying to yourself, "Gee, I wish I could have my own business. How do people do it?" Well look no further because we're going to prey these secrets out of Lisa's head and in to your ears for your learning and listening pleasure!

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