This week we sat down with the boys from DRINKBOX STUDIOS to talk about their recent release GUACAMELEE!!! 
If you haven't heard about this amazing game, shame on you! The only way to redeem yourself is to go buy it now! DO IT NOW! .....
Did you buy it? Good. Now you can hear the awesomeness from Steph Goulet (Art Director) Ben Thomas (Animator) Cuxo Quikano (Concept Artist/Animator and Creator of Guacamelee). These guys were kind enough to bring us in to their work space to talk all kinds of awesome things that wound up making this awesome game! Hope you all enjoy!!

Warning: Small story spoilers


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Out guest this week is Ryan Creighton of Untold Entertainment. Ryan has been working on his game SPELLIRIUM for over the last 13 years. This is a great episode that covers the side of what it's like of managing a team of artists and what an employer must do when it comes to the hiring and firing of the people who make his content come true.  Ryan provides a look into the world where a lot of new graduates don't often get to see. It's a long process with a lot of factors to take in to consideration when you're dealing with real money and not a school grade.

Check out more Spellirium HERE!

And you can also follow Ryan on his TWITTER 

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Robin Joseph is a freelance artist who was one of the graduates from Sheridan's diploma program before it turned over into a four year degree program. Since the mid 00's he has been working as a designer one a variety of projects for major motion picture studios. Have a listen to Robin's soft soothing voice as he recalls the trails and tribulations he faced when he just started out working in this competitive business.

Check out Robin's Site HERE 

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Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Frank Macchia is currently animating down in LA. How does a Canadian make their way from the Great White North all the way down to Hollywood to make some of that sweet, sweet cartoon money? Well look no further my friends, Frank is here to tell us his story about the trials he faced getting to work down in the States. 

Lots to learn from Frank's story and he's also a fantastic artist and animator! Check out his work HERE!!!


If you're a fan for the art of COLIN JACK, then check out the new book series he's currently working on, GALAXY ZACK!

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