Steve Stark has returned to Guys With PEncils! And this time, He made a full length animated feature!! CRAZY! Steve did this out of his home in Toronto! What a crazy guy. But if you think that's crazy then get ready for this..... The movie he made is an official JAY AND SILENT BOB movie! From the universe that brought you CLERKS, MALLRATS, CHASING AMY, DOGMA, JAY & BOB: STRIKE BACK, and CLERKS II and now an anmated feature featuring the two lovelable stoners. JAY AND SILENT BOB'S SUPER GROOVY CARTOON MOVIE!

Have a listen as we probe Steve ( in more ways than one *wink wink*) about how he was able to make this feature film a reality!


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This week we talk about a really wonderful comic that came our way. We found it through tumblr and it's been a really nice gesture that someone has made for us. But not only that, we have an amazing episode filled with ups and downs of emotional termoil! From plane crashes to recaps of our panels during TCAF 2013, it's a wild one! hope you all enjoy this week!

Dont forget to check out the awesome comic we mentioned above! 

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It's Podcast Time with our special guest ANDY RISTAINO! He's currently working on the ever so popular television smash hit ADVENTURE TIME! Have you ever wondered what it's like to work on Adventure Time? What's the process like? How do they write their scripts? What's it like to design on that show? Well you're in luck because we ask Andy all these questions and many more!
Check out Andy's awesome site along with his newly funded Kickstarter comic, Night Of The Living Vidiots! 

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This week we are joined with Lee Ann Dufour. A Toronto Local but a Quebec native. She graduated from Sheridan in 2010 but instead of going to work in the studio system she took a different path. It's a road less traveled with fresh graduates but Lee Ann was able to make it work for her situation. Lee Ann has established herself as an successful and accomplished artist and business woman. 
Have a listen if you want to know the juicy details on how she was able to make this freelance career work for her.

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ALSO! Check out some excellent resource books Lee Ann suggests to the Freelance Artist. You can find these links at our Guys With Pencils FACEBOOK PAGE


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