This week we chat with Damian Sommer. If you've been to a Game Jam in Toronto in the past little while you have probably heard of Mr. Sommer. He has currently finished working on his latest co creation with Emily Carroll titled, The Yawhg! 
Have you ever wondered how someone gets in to the gaming community?  What's the process one takes to get to know the people who make really cool games?  Have a listen as we chat with Damian's personal journey as he went from political science student to indie gamer guru.

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That's Rachel Wolfe! She's a character designer and vis. development artist currently working in mobile gaming and lives in the States. We found Rachel's work by accident and we really liked her stuff! She has some amazing bird sketches that will put your bird drawing skills to shame. Have a listen as we hear her tale of going to school then having to leave after one year! This is a tale for those who are finding art school to be a bit much when it comes to financing. Rachel's story has some great points on things you can do to help continue on your path to becoming a professional artist in the industry.

Check out her Daily Bird site HERE and follow her on Twitter HERE!

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After losing an episode to the ravages of technology and whiskey, the boys talk about taking breaks and how easy it is to be

up to your neck in work after taking one.

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