This week we talk with Drew Green. The self taught, no school kick as cartoon illustrated and web comic maker!!

He's the guy with the devilish flare behind his online comic ROSS BOSTON. Drew is primarily a freelance artist and supports himself by taking on a variety of commission work. Have a listen while we chat with Drew. Talking from everything about the how to's when it comes to creating content for on the internet to how to maintane a way of living through your work.

Check out Drew's Tumbrl HERE
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Hey Guy! (slurp) So this week we got to interview someone who was incredibly influential to us during our high school and college years. Pete Williams is the creator of the MTV series Undergrads!!! We had a really awesome talk with Pete about his career in the animation business and how it all happened with Undergrads. If you have ever wondered what it might be like to make a cartoon for a major TV network at the age of 18. Then this is an episode you should really listen too. Hope you all enjoy listening to this episode as much we enjoyed making it.

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Cellar Door Games is an independent video game development company located in Toronto, Ontario. Theyre known for a variety of games but in this episode, the two we're focusing on are "Dont S#$% Your Pants" and "Rogue Legacy"

Have a listen while we dive into the behind the scenes work that goes on a Cellar Door Games! 

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This episode was recorded months ago during a cottage weekend getaway with friends. We thought it had accidently been erased but luckily it was found just recently! So Have a listen to this really interesting group chat, featuring cool animation folks like; Ben Thomas, Kyu Bum Lee, Wayne Michael Lee, Allison Neil, Eric Gauthier and Amanda Martin! 


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