Did you ever think you wanted to go back to school for a second career? Maybe you want to try the animation industry? But you're not sure if it's the right choice. Maybe you think you're too old, or that it wont be worth the time and money. Well if you have ever thought about these things you should have a listen to this episode with our friend Rob Finlay.
Rob works in the gaming industry but before that he had a completely different career. When Rob was 30 he took the chance on going back to school following his passion of art and animation. Check out this episode if you want to hear someone who made the choice to go back to school.

Check out Rob's Blog here!

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Natahsa Allegri is our guest this week. She's the creator of the Cartoon Hangover sensation BEE & PUPPYCAT! She's also responsible for the designs behind FIONA & CAKE of Adventure Time! 
We have a great chat about the developement of BEE & PUPPYCAT and how it came to be along with her developement as an artist too. Also, if you a fan of Garfield, Ice Cream, and talking movies then you'll really enjoy all the other stuff we talk about in this episode!

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Check out Bee & PuppyCat 

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Adam and Andrew head back to school! This week they attened Sheridan College to check out their old stomping grounds. While they were there, they had the joy of running in to a current student, Justin Chan! 

Now Justin isn't your ordinary animation student. His work has already been featured at PAX 2013 and he was also able to secure a job working in the TV animation business. Have a listen because it's a pretty interesting tale to hear the old school talk with the new school. 

Check out Justin's Twitter and his Tumblr

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Michelle Tripp is a Toronto based animator. She currently worked on the new show GROJBAND! (airs Thursday nights @ 7pm on TELETOON) Not only is she just an animator, She's an animation lead! She's in charge of making sure the whole production comes together on the animation side. She's been working for a decade in the Canadian TV animation business. Have a Listen as we talk about a variety of things. Starting with her own work to what it's like being a female lead animator in the animation business where there are a lot of males producing the work.

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The boys catch up on recent going on's including Andrew's first serious experience behind the table at Fan Expo, Adam not going for the first time in 10 years and what it all means to them.

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