So we started talking about how Canadian TV networks are going to have some changes happening with how they allow their customers to view channel packages. It's an interesting topic that we bounce off from and took us to the deepest darkest areas of the internet and how to deal with the discourse that takes place. Then we talk about how we look at shows and games, and how important does the artistic look really come into play in the grand scheme of things?
It's an all over the place kind of episode, but it all comes back to living in a visual world and how Adam loves his Bar Wars (technically known as Bar Rescue).

Check out this link we mentioned in this episode:

A Survivor's Guide to Discourse in the Internet Age


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She's one of the first female super heroes, predating Wonder Woman. She is based of the Inuit mythology and folklore. She is one of Canada's earliest Golden Age hero's in comic history! She's NELVANA!! 
Nelvana of the Northern Lights has been brought back to life through the efforts of Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey! They put a Kickstarter together to help re issue her stories to people everywhere.  
We had the opportunity to chat with Hope and Rachel about Nelvana and the role she has within Canadian comic history. If you are a fan of the Golden Age of comics from Canada and want to learn more about Nelvana then have a listen to our interview with her!

Follow Rachel and Hope on Twitter and check out more info on Nelvana HERE

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We got to sit down this week with Ricardo Curtis. Ricardo is the co-owner of the Toronto based studio House Of Cool. Known for their pre-production work, HoC has worked for a variety of major motion picture studios. If you have ever wondered what sets themselves apart from the other studios in town, have a listen to what Ricardo says. It's a fantastic talk filled with inspiration all along the way.  

Check out House of Cool throughout the web!

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Seen the awesome animated short COIN? It's baller...friggin baller. It's a visual treat and so well done. This week we chat with it's creator CHRIS BURNS of Exit 73 Studios. Along withe Chris is his team member Bob Fox. Both guys runs Exit 73 and worked on COIN. One of the awesome things about this short is how Chris said he focused on animating the energy he had built up and from there he created a story around that. A really awesome way to create a short film if you ask us. Have a listen if you want to get all inspired with animation goodness!

Check out Exit 73 Studios HERE
Exit 73 Studios Twitter
Exit 73 Studios Facebook 

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