From the start of this podcast we have always made it a point to be observant of what our effect on the animation industry is. Working as Canadians within this industry we have either been working on content for overseas clients or working on our own ideas and trying to expand the Canadian animation scene at home and abroad.
In this episode, we discuss our own personal thoughts based on the past three years. It revolves around the politics, the finances and the culture that we live in that defines our roles in the Canadian animation scene. 
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We got to hang out with the awesome talent behind ASTEROID BASE this week! Asteroid Base is a Toronto based indie game studio headed by Matt Hammill  and Jamie Tucker.
We got to have a long lengthy chat about their early starting points with the company and the trails and tribulations they have encountered doing what they do. It's a great talk and we learned a lot about their process and personal motivations that help them make the awesome games they want to play!

Check their site HERE!

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If you have ever enjoyed Calvin & Hobbes we hope this weeks episode will be a treat for you! Just over a week ago a fan made animation was posted online to YouTube that was based off the classic comic strip. And during the time that it was posted it has reached over 500,000 views! If you haven't seen it Check it out HERE!
And this week we were able to sit and chat with the fan who animated this adorable short. Adam Brown! Adam is a freelance animator who works out of Hamilton, Ontario. This episode has a lot of classic newspaper comic talk along with some insight on getting ones foot in the animation door.

Follow Adam Brown HERE

Check out the Bill Watterson Inspired Comic based off a speech he gave, HERE

ALSO as a bonus; Check out the trailer for this new documentary about the impact of Calvin and Hobbes and its reclusive creator Bill Watterson. Check that out HERE

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BAMF! It stands for BIG ACTION MEGA FIGHT!!! It's an new mobile game created by Double Stallion! The game is available on your mobile phones in Canada and will soon be available in the US! We got to chat with Eric Angelillo about his role in the creation of it!  It's a classic beat em up fighter game that throws a lot of love and care out to those types of games of yesteryear! If you love these kinds of games, check it out! It's Free too! 
Also, as a bonus, we chat with Eric about his process about creating the game and the amount of work it took for him to develop and get to a point where he wanted to work for himself within the game industry!

Check out Big Action Mega Fight on ITUNES!

Check out Eric's site HERE and download BAMF for your mobile device!

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