We're chatting with Carla Veldman this week! She's a friend of ours who we went to Sheridan with back in the day. Her grad film "The Scarf" is a stop motion short that touches on the aspects of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. We got chatting with Carla, not only because she's a super nice person who we really enjoy being around, but she is going to be doing a puppet building workshop for TAIS (Toronto Animated Image Society) If you really enjoy stop motion and puppet making you should check it out! Have a listen this week as we talk about all the aspects of artistry behind stop motion animation!

For Carla's Blog CLICK HERE
For Carla's film "The Scarf" CLICK HERE
For TAIS Workshop info CLICK HERE
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This week we got to chat with KAT MORRIS! She's worked on such series as; SUPERJAIL!, THE REGULAR SHOW and her most recent work can be seen on Cartoon Network's STEVEN UNIVERSE, where she works her magic as the Story Supervisor! Have a listen as we chat with her about the things that influence her. This episode is pretty rad, talking about everything from The Simpsons to Roller Derby. Kat Morris is one really awesome lady making some great stories for you fine folks!

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Since the conception of this podcast, both Adam and Andrew have been very fortunate to have been working from project to project with very few breaks in between. And since the beginning, they have said that you will get to hear about the high points and the low points. This weeks episode focuses on some of the not so easy aspects of working as a freelance artist. The reality of a job ending abruptly can occur. Have a listen and hear how they deal with this unfamiliar territory. 

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Another year has begun, new resolutions have been made, and some more podcasting is underway. This week Adam and Andrew talk about the new year and the new things that will be going on for the both of them, 2014 looks like it will be a great time! Have a listen as they look back on 2013 with all the ups and downs that it had to offer!

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